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10 Reasons I’m Not Cool

15th October 2014



This list could also be called, ‘Why do I even have friends?’



1. I use the word ‘cool’.


2. I don’t own anything from Apple, and never have.


3. I’m so socially awkward it’s actually unbearable.


4. I hate talking on the phone, even to friends. I’ll snapchat you, text you, whatevs. But you aint getting me to actually dial and open my mouth unless it’s an emergency. You better answer too. Even though I never do. I have actually ignored a call from a friend once, then TEXTED saying ‘Whats up?’ haha! And they know I do it. Sorry.


5. I hate Sushi. All the cool girls like Sushi.


6. I only ever go out drinking on rare occasions. I love it when I do, but then I hibernate for months and must recover from so much ‘people time’.


7. I talk to myself a lot. Like a lot. When people catch me I get my phone out quickly.


8. I hate Summer, I hate sunny days, heat, ‘nice’ weather and the beach.


9. I avoid eye contact with almost everybody.


10. I can relate to this;






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