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A Homemade Gift Idea

13th October 2014

See that? It’s a little jar of love. It might not seem like it, but it really is and it could bring a little bit of joy to someone close to you. Christmas is just peeping over the horizon, yes it really is starting to loom and unfortunately we should begin thinking of it soon. So with that in mind, this little jar could become one of the sweetest homemade gifts you give this year.

Here’s what you’ll need:

A small jar, or box if you prefer,

some glitter, washi tape or ribbon – anything decorative,

a pen,

various coloured paper.

Nothing complicated or laborious here. Simply find a jar you like, make it pretty and fill it with love. And by love, I mean write down lots of little reasons why you love someone on pieces of paper. Or reasons why they are awesome, special, very much appreciated in your life.
Fill the jar with these wonderful little reasons and reminders as much as you can, and even add trinkets in with them if you like. Such as marbles, glitter or sweeties!
Add a pretty ribbon around the top, attach a name tag and viola! You have an adorable, free homemade present for someone you love. You could use this as a little token gift for Christmas, birthdays or Valentines. Or even just to cheer somebody up. I know this would certainly make me smile.
Would you guys like somebody to do this for you? 🙂

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