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DIY Memo Board

7th November 2014


Yesterday I was clearing out lots of junk in preparation for Gary and I hopefully moving soon, when I came across some old photo frames. Never one to throw something away without desperately trying to find a use for it first, I took a Pinterest moment to consider the options. I found four frames which I am going to use for different purposes, and I decided to use my first one to create my own customised dry wipe memo board. Fairly easy and plenty of fun 🙂 !

The tools you use for this are entirely up to you to be honest, as it depends on how you would like to customise this and what you’ll use it for. I knew I wanted some pretty patterned paper as the backdrop inside the frame, and maybe cute cute accents for the outside of the frame. Above all though, you will need a frame with glass, and a dry erase marker pen.

It couldn’t be easier to put this together, simply decide on what kind of messages (or drawings!) you want to draw on the front of the glass, and maybe choose your backdrop and accessories accordingly? For example I tried a background decorated with kitchen objects, sealed it inside the frame and used my dry erase pen over the top of the glass to write my planned meal list for the week, or grocery shopping.


Overall though I weren’t happy with pictures showing through the glass and trying to write over them, as it was hard to see what notes I’d made.

The beauty of the project though, is you can simply wipe away what you’ve done, and replace the image in the frame if you feel like it!


Next up I tried a simple patterned paper and used my frame to keep a To Do list on display.


Not bad, but still not fulfilling my need for Pinterest worthy beauty.. Plus I have plenty of notebooks for my never ending daily To Do lists!


Finally I realised that the one thing I would love on display more than anything, is something INSPIRING, MOTIVATIONAL and full of JOY. So I scrapped my background once more, opted instead for bright pink tissue paper and some glitter. Since then I’ve had plenty of fun filling my own little memo board with inspiring or thought provoking quotes!



Now this is something I am more than happy to display around my home. It instantly adds a pop of colour and some happiness to any room. And best of all, I can get creative and change the message it reads whenever I like.






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