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24th November 2014

: So much lately! They say moving is one of the most stressful things you can do in life, and I’ll be honest I never believed that until now. I mean in theory, it’s lovely and just requires lots of packing and ordering furniture. Fun right? Hmm.. but there’s filling in so many forms, paying so many bills, and having to go to work in between packing. But I’ll stop moaning now. It’s all good.

: About how to organise the furniture in the new flat, yay. I’m also SO excited about having a brand new bed, with lovely new sheets and stuff. It’s the little things πŸ™‚

: Exhausted. Honestly I’ve had the hardest few days. As I write this though I’m enjoying some quiet time, whic is very much needed. Overall I’m feeling satisfied that life is catching up with my dreams a little. Gary and I have spoke about, planned, and tried for this move for three years. It feels good its here finally.

: Fantasies about sofas, desks, footstools and cushions. Oh the cushions! 

: Serial podcast. HOLY SHIT. I’ve never been one to listen to podcasts really, and this is the first one I decided to really listen to and try. I totally lucked out big time. It’s fucking incredible. I’m really sorry for swearing, I do that when I’m passionate about something. True Crime always fascinates me anyway, but this step by step recording process of someone making a podcast as they try to solve an old case is just THRILLING to me. Seriously, go listen.

: Forms, ughh. I wish I could pay someone to do all this boring crap. Changing addresses, making long ass phone calls, trying to set up electricity in the new place! Hella boring, and a little stressful.

: To Serial. Constantly.

: Nothing at the moment, eek. Not like me at all. I better get a move on if I’m gonna complete my Goodreads Challenge this year. Do blogs count?

: Plenty of help boxing things up, and physically moving them to the new place. Luckily my brother is gonna be driving the van and helping us all Tuesday.

WANTING: Chinese food right now to be honest. Oh I also really want mail to the new flat! I know it’s lame but I think I’m gonna ask our friends/family to send us even just our Christmas cards by post so we can be like, ‘Yay! Our first mail’ haha.

: What to get Gary for Christmas, arghh! I love to get him gifts I know he’ll be excited about, but I just can’t think this year :/ Ughh. Although we might be getting Guinea Pigs!! Which would be presents for us both then haha. We’re researching them a bit first though to learn all about how to properly take care of them πŸ™‚

Anyway, hope you enjoyed my little update. I’m not sure when my next post will be, eek. I know we won’t have internet until next weekend at the new flat, and we move Tuesday. So catch me on Twitter for updates, and please wish us luck!! Love you all x

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