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Winter Comforts

22nd November 2014

So I know it’s probably not officially Winter yet. But it’s the end of November and we’re getting there! Where did the year go?! I’m a terrible last minute shopper and you can always guarantee I’m rushing around like crazy come Christmas week. And now that I’m in the middle of moving home, things are even more stressy. Despite that though, I love Winter! It’s my second favourite season and has so much about it that makes me smile like a dork πŸ™‚

To kick off this season of festivities, I decided to concentrate on all the great things about Winter that I love. Maybe you guys love some of these too, let me know!

The Cold – This is probably the one that a lot of people will disagree with. Now I’m not saying I love it when my tootsies feel frostbitten, but there’s a certain comfort in the weather taking a sharp turn for the icier. It means extra layers wherever you go; blankets, scarves, cute bobble hats, mittens. These are special little loves we get to enjoy at the coldest time of year and personally I love it. It’s a great excuse for extra cuddles too! (Whether from a partner, pet or teddy bear!) So I embraceΒ the rosy cheeks and dry lips look…



The Beverages – Pumpkin Spice Latte anyone? White hot chocolate? Gingerbread latte? You know the drill. Those sneaky coffee shops get us every time with their once a year drinks that seem a little extra special to us. But really any hot drink is welcome, and makes Winter all the cosier for it.

Sunrises – In the Summer the sunrise happens unbelievably early, much too early for a late sleeper like myself. However in the dead of Winter that big, bright thing doesn’t rise until a little later in the morning, giving a chance to lazy mortals like myself to witness it. Sometimes a beautiful pastel explosion of reds, pinks and oranges – expect plenty of Instagram photos. And who can blame us? It’s amazing!

Dark Nights – After we’ve gotten over that beautiful sunrise, we usually have around five or six hours before it’s starting to go dark again anyway during Winter. And I love this! I’m definitely a night owl and darkness always makes things more interesting. I’m also at my most creative at night too, so I appreciate the extra hours of darkness.


Fashion – I am a lot more of a fan of Autumn/Winter fashion than anything Summer can offer. As a fan of my beloved little cardigan collection, nothing makes me happier than teaming them up with tights, boots and plenty of layers. I think we tend to see more prints such as tartan as well, and this just makes everything better, ..right?!

Makeup – Rest assured I’m a huge fan of a dark lip and smokey eye anytime of the year, but with Winter it feels as if we have the need to do it more than ever. Some people go all out; their hair gets darker, their nails, all their makeup. I’ve done this myself before, and it’s wonderful. Almost like you’re going in a ‘cocoon’ for the season.


Movies – I know with the internet we can basically watch whatever we want, whenever we want. But there’s still always gonna be something exciting about turning on the TV and finding out that Home Alone is on as it’s getting nearer to December 25th. These special Winter movies bring me straight back to my childhood; sitting in front of the fire and getting beyond excited for Christmas. Do you have a favourite festive movie?


Snow – Ahh that beloved, magical stuff that brings everything to a halt. I know sometimes we can get sick of it after too long trudging though it for weeks, but there is still something thrilling about seeing that first snow fall (if we’re lucky enough to get it!). I can remember back to my school days, where you can bet your bottom dollar that if someone yelled, ‘SNOW!’, everyone stopped what they were doing. Everything transforms from that moment on. Trains and buses stop their services, people get sent home from school/work, and you officially feel you’ve gotten a day off. Even if you work from home anyway. It’s brilliant.

What are your favourite things about Winter? Or do you just wish Summer would hurry up back around? Let me know πŸ™‚

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