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Dear Jemma 2015

31st December 2014
I’m writing this on New Years Eve 2014, hoping you’ll remember to look back at this in exactly one year..
Well another year has gone by, and how have we done?
As I write this, it is new years eve 2014. I’m hoping by this time next year when I read this back, some things will have changed. I’m also hoping lot’s will be the same, which is nice to know.
None of this ‘new year, new me’ crap. Yes there are ways in which I’m hoping I’ve bettered myself – but overall I feel this is the cusp of self acceptance. I’ve spent the last few years basically hating myself and it’s only in recent months I’ve realised what a bloody waste of time this was. So since I’m ending 2014 in such a positive place, I want to know it’ll continue into 2015 with a bang.
So here we have it, the resolutions.. the rules. I hope I stick to them, but I’ll see where the year takes me. If I’ve stuck to most of these, or any of these to be honest, well.. GO YOU FUTURE JEMMA!
1. Treat your body with more care.
Your body is a fantastic thing, make sure to remember. Hydrate it, move it, be active, appreciate every curve, line, freckle. Moisturise, indulge in luxury skincare, eat cleaner, take in less sugar, but don’t obsess. I’m trying to avoid the cliche resolution of ‘losing weight’, by opting for a more general and quietly determined health wish for both body and mind.
2. Challenge yourself.
Okay so right now you’ve started a new job and part of it already requires learning a lot more about various digital media. This is great because that’s one learning challenge that will truly benefit you (me? you? whatever..) and hopefully encourage you to keep learning new things. 2014 Was the year you really found your creativity again though, and how awesome it was! Let’s keep that up yeah? I hope you have been when you read this. You had such plans, and I really hope they’ve been achieved. Paint, draw, sew, build, craft, learn. And do it all again.
3. Be kind.
Obviously I already think I’m a kind person, I try to always be nice and go out my way for people. But everyone thinks this way probably, and we could all do a little more. So whether it’s making someone feel special without excuse (no birthdays, anniversaries, etc included) – I would love to know I’m doing all I can for people around me. Taking the time out to see people whenever I can, asking about their hobbies, life, family. Helping someone who may be struggling. Finding a cause I can get behind, encouraging happiness and positivity, donating money, time, old belongings wherever possible. I just feel like small changes could make a big difference.
I’ll leave it at that, as I think they are the three main things I’d like to have achieved over this next year. I hope you, future Jemma reading this at the end of 2015; can look back over this with satisfaction and joy. And if not? Well okay, umm.. let’s ignore this post, pretend it never happened, and try again next year.
Good luck.
Love from.. you.





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