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1st December 2014

I’ve spoken a few times before about my love for Winter and how I usually switch my makeup with each season. It’s something I really enjoy as it keeps things fresh and pushes me to try new shades/styles all the time. But I don’t think I’ve actually shown you guys what lipsticks I’ve been loving lately for Winter, until now.

I won’t go into hunting down each one and naming them unless you want to know a particular shade/brand, and by all means ask and I will deliver. I just wanted to give a little insight into my daily lipsticks of choice without being exhausting about it. I have a combination of dark shades for real vampy looks, reds for a range of day to day wear, and subtle nudes I wear for work.

I’m loving my little Winter collection lately, but I must say I’m having real trouble finding some eye shadow combinations to compliment all of them. I tend to just stick with a nude and play it safe, which is honestly getting boring now. Please let me know/link me and suggestions you guys may have πŸ™‚ As I would love to give some new looks a go!

What’s your makeup style lately?

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