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12 Projects

4th January 2015

Well hello there gorgeous readers! You’ve found your way to my very first official post about my 12 Projects challenge for the year. I’ve had this planned for about two months and I’m really excited to get started. It’s also kind of one of my resolutions, but I didn’t wanna tell anyone that until I revealed this project.

So basically;

I’m challenging myself from right now, to embark on one creative venture each month. I will need to explore various ideas and encourage creativity in my day to day life. That’s the biggie right there. 2014 Was an awesome year, even if I didn’t realise it at the time. Everything began to really come together, and I starting doing more things that made me happy. I really want to take that proactive attitude into 2015 with me, and make it a daily thing. One of the most prominent sources of happiness in the last year was from rediscovering my creative side. I started this blog, I began keeping Art journals again, I wrote every day, I made more hand crafted things, and I felt inspired. I would like to take all of this to the next step, this year.

This means;

I’ll be completing one project a month. It can be anything, so long as it’s creative in some way and I enjoy it. I could paint, draw, collage, write, photograph, film, sew, bake, use clay, wood, paper, glitter, silk, anything. As long as I create something or explore a project each month, I’ve succeeded. I’ll be posting about it here as I go, and showing you when it’s completed. Who knows what I’ll get up to? Maybe I’ll try out poetry (probably not), or attempt a short story (I would love this), or maybe even some creative DIY? After all there’s lots I can do for our new home. It really doesn’t matter what the project is, big or small, as long as I’m engaged.

I’ll be taking you guys along this challenge with me, every step of the way. I’ll be posting updates of how the current project is going and maybe give you some glimpses into what I’m tackling each month. Then by the the end of the month I will produce my idea, along with any thoughts, criticisms, loves or hates I’ve had about each submission. It doesn’t matter if it goes wrong sometimes, it doesn’t matter if I fail or end up hating what I make or do. Because that’s the whole point of the 12 Projects, to discover plenty more about myself.

I hope I have fun.

I hope I feel inspired.

I hope it pushes me to try new things.

I hope I will discover new things I am good at.

I hope 2015 is my most creative year yet.


Will you join me along the way?




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