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20 Art Journal Prompts

28th January 2015

I’m someone who thrives on creativity, if you don’t know that yet. I spend every single day expressing myself in various ways to encourage creative process, whether it be painting, creative writing, taking photographs, drawing or my Art Journal. Since sharing some snippets of this journal with you guys, I’ve had a lot of questions asking how I get ideas for it, or where I begin. So I decided to put together a page of prompts for you if you ever wish to start your own. The trick is to not go in with any expectations, simply put something (anything!) on the page.

Here are 20 prompts to get your ideas flowing;-


1. Record a moment from the past week.

2. Illustrate your favourite memory.

3. Paint your worst nightmare.

4. Fill the page with text – write the first things that come to your head.

5. Paint the page, using only your fingers.

6. Make a collage based on a song.

7. Find a photo of someone in a magazine, stick in your journal and write a fictional life for that person.

8. Stick down anything you can to fill the page – glitter, stickers, photos, wrappers, buttons.

9. Write a letter to someone with things you can’t say. Tear it up. Stick the pieces in your journal.

10. Pick a colour. Fill the page with things of only that colour.


11. Find a headline in a newspaper/magazine, stick it in and illustrate it.

12. Draw portraits of people on post it notes. Fill a page or two of them in your journal.

13. Explore word art. Use text as images.

14. Pick a quote and make a collage to represent it.

15. Draw yourself on your computer, print it out, draw over it.

16. Draw something small, and repeat it as a pattern all over the page.

17. Take a moment to imagine what your current feelings would look like. Create it.

18. Draw yourself using any medium you like.

19. Use watercolours to fill the page, and sprinkle glitter on top while still wet.

20. Sketch your favourite place.


Hope this helps all you wannabe creatives out there! :]




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