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Practising Confidence

22nd January 2015

A thing happened today; a thing not uncommon for me, but still always uncomfortable. I came into work, sat at my desk and suddenly felt an overwhelming wave of insecurities. I worried none of my coworkers liked me, I worried I looked ugly today, I worried I was stupid, and plenty more. I’m sure you can all relate to feeling one of these things at some point in time, but it really disarms my whole body and mind when these insecurities surface all at once. In an attempt to distract myself, I scoured the Ted Talks website. Lately I’ve really enjoyed having them playing while I work, and I’ve found myself fascinated with various subjects of conversation. Anyway, I happened to see this video in the list of most popular Ted Talks.

It’s such an inspiring and interesting talk, I thoroughly recommend you all watch it. It got me thinking about confidence. My own; how sometimes I can have plenty and feel like the life and soul of a party. And other times, when I’m a small, mess of a person curled into the corner of the room scared to make any sudden movements. I wondered about confident people, if it comes naturally to them, or if they ‘practice’. And I’ve decided to practice for myself everyday, to see if I really can improve my life; whether in big or small ways. This will mean doing things I don’t want to do, overcoming fears, feeling silly and trying to accept things which I cannot change.


I will be bringing you more posts on this, starting tomorrow. I’ll be writing a list of ways to apparently improve confidence, from whatever sources I can get my hands onto. Then after trying them, I will be periodically letting you guys know how it’s going and if I feel I’ve improved my confidence.


I hope you join me along the way and let me know if you have any thoughts on this topic, or even better- tips for me! Thanks for reading guys.






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