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12th January 2015

Working within a company that specializes in managing your online reputation, has been eye opening and important to me in many ways. If you don’t know by now, I’m in a new job. It’s very technical and hard to explain what I do at times, but all you need to know is I love it. And it’s all basically about representing the way clients look online to an audience.  Which has got me thinking lately..


I have this blog and all my various social media channels, and each one paints a picture of me in small ways. I certainly know how I WANT to come across to an audience. Words like intelligent or creative come to mind, I suppose that’s natural to want. I’d like you to see the real me, but with cleaner edges and a personality you can relate to. That’s not so hard, right? Hmm.. maybe.


How am I representing myself online?

I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes I struggle to be the person I so badly want to be. I love blogging, it truly is my passion. But I worry I’m not coming across true to myself, even though I’m trying. My blog gives me a chance to share my thoughts and feelings which I love so much, but I yearn for a way I can express my personality. My stupid accent, my clumsy manner, my ability to laugh at even the most mundane/questionable things- is not being shown here. And I’m quite frustrated at that to be honest. I’m not sure I’d ever try Youtube to be honest, but at that’s the only way I can think to express myself more. I’m just curious about how I represent myself online, and how you all see me?


I certainly know I love bloggers even more when I feel like they have quirks. In fact I subscribe to a lot of people who blog about things I typically have no interest in, but I’m happy to because their personality keeps me so interested.


I’d like to start a discussion if possible, what do you guys think? Can you share with me what impression you get of me from my blog? I’d appreciate any feedback whether good or bad. Am I representing myself in a particular light? Do you think video is worth a try? (Not just for me, but anyone). Is it worth it? And if not YouTube, can you think of another medium to help challenge me or better express who I am?


Seriously all thoughts welcomed. And thank you for reading.





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