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Lazy Day Loveliness

10th January 2015

The weekend is here, hurrah! I’m in such a celebratory mood that I’m making the most of it as much as possible. Since starting my new job, my weekends now consist of fitting in all the things I don’t have time or energy for in the rest of the week. I thought you guys might enjoy knowing what those things are, and maybe it’ll inspire your own lazy day this weekend…



These days reading is the ultimate indulgence for me, whether it’s my favourite magazines or a new book. It’s almost like the world stops for a while, and I get to be transported to a new place with new people. Even if I am simply lounging on the sofa in my pjs…


There’s nothing quite like scaring the postman when you answer with a face mask all over you. Taking the time to do those toenails, test out makeup, put a hair mask on and whatever else you might fancy, is just bloody great isn’t it? This weekend I’m all about freshening up my skin and deeply conditioning my hair. After all, green hair is high maintenance you know.


Binging on one of the greatest sources of TV and movies these days is heaven! And good news for all you Friends fans; it’s finally been added on there! It may be the US version though, you guys will have to check. I’m one of those naughty people who cheats and uses both UK and UK versions of the site haha. Other TV shows I love to watch on there include Dexter (“Tonight’s the night. And it’s going to happen, again and again”), Scandal (“We’re gladiators”), Lost (“We have to go back!“) and The Office (“That’s what she said“). Can you tell I’m a fan?


Or just any creative activity in general to be honest. My job entails digital technology, social media and slaving at a computer everyday. Don’t be fooled though; I love it. But at the weekend I really appreciate the downtime I get to let out all of my creativity. So whether it be painting, drawing, journalling, photography, sewing or getting out the polymer clay; something of the sort will always feature in my lazy days.


And finally, the obvious one. I mean, it’s Friday night and I’m sat here writing this to go out tomorrow morning (such a wild life I lead). But these days if I want regular blog posts, I have to squeeze as much as I can out of the weekend. I love doing it too, it’s so relaxing and therapeutic. I also use this time to catch up with my favourite blogs, yay! 🙂

What are you guys up to this weekend?





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