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Tips To Encourage Confidence

26th January 2015

As promised from this post, I’m making 2015 a more confident year for myself. That’s not to give the impression I’m a shy wallflower all the time – there are plenty of friends out there who will laugh at that description of me. But there are times when my confidence is seriously lacking, and it effects things in my life that I wish it didn’t. I’m making positive changes and attempting to improve things, even if only in a small way. So I’ve compiled a list of things that are supposed to really improve and encourage confidence in various ways. I thought I’d share these with you guys, and keep this record here for myself to refer back to.


-Do something that scares you. If you can overcome a fear, no matter how small; you will be amazed by how awesome you instantly feel afterwards.


– Compliment others. Spreading happiness and confidence is just as important for your own well being, as well as helping someone else. Try to compliment someone every day.


Compliment yourself! Point out something nice about yourself, every single day. Even something small; a new outfit looking good, your kindness, the way you can always make others laugh.


Avoid perfection. Dismiss it completely, because obsessing over it will never leave you satisfied. I can relate to this Artistically, and I’ve found imperfections help me progress anyway 🙂


Don’t compare yourself. It’s the quickest way to throw away your own confidence. You are not like anyone else, that’s a good thing.


-Identify your talents. Everyone is good at something, so focus on your skills and confidence will come naturally.


-Talk about it. Tell a friend, write about it in your blog, confide in someone. If you share your concerns it can bring relief, and they may help you realise your worth.


-Never allow others to make you feel inferior. They cannot do so without your permission. Think positively about yourself; and the rest of the world will follow.


-Smile! This one sounds silly, but the Facial Feedback Theory is the idea that if we force ourselves to smile, it does actually encourage our mood to improve. So next time you’re not feeling confident, put a smile on your face and you may end up being a little more sure of yourself.


-Power pose. Studies have shown that if we make our posture more confident, we feel more confident. So stand up straight, don’t cross your arms or fidget, look straight ahead and smile. Maybe adopt a Superman pose.


Keep a journal. It helps to calm your inner voice, and reason with any stressful thoughts. In a way, you can talk yourself out of it.


-Learn something new. This will challenge you, help you feel more fulfilled and make you feel confident in yourself in a new way.


Distract your inner fears. Direct your focus on helping others, and you will forget your own problems and insecurities.


-Remember that confidence is a journey, not a destination.


I’m going to be doing all of these steps to hopefully improve my confidence and build self esteem this year. I’ll be doing some daily and some when I really need it most. I may post again when I put some of these to the test, and I’ll let you know how I go! Thanks for reading guys, and I hope these tips can help any of you who may need it too.





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