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20 Lessons From My Twenties (So Far..)

23rd February 2015

In April I’ll be turning 27, which is terrifying. But I’m starting to reflect on some of the things I’ve learned so far on this journey through my twenties. Mostly that we all mess up, and stuff is never as important as we think it is at the time. But some other stuff too I thought I’d share..


1. Your metabolism will slow down. Try not to sob over old photos of yourself from when you first thought you were ‘fat’.


2. Candles and cushions are exciting. You’ll obsess over them at some point and buy a shitload that you don’t really need.


3. Working 9-5 feels a lifetime longer than study hours of 9-3.


4. People are now getting pregnant on purpose. (This is weird..)


5. You realise you don’t care if you’re ‘popular’ or not anymore, in any social setting.


6. Staying in, pampering yourself and getting an early night is now considered a treat, not a bore.


7. You don’t have to pretend you like anyone for the sake of it. (Unless maybe it’s your boss..)


8. Work is now important to you! No longer is it just something to pay a bill, or get you out at the weekend. You now probably care about what you’re doing with your life…


9. ..As does everybody else. Family now expect you to know what you’re doing. Fuck.


10. You will wonder how you managed to shop/drink/go out so much as a teen, with a crappy part time job. Now you might work full time and barely go out once a month. How??


11. Staying out until 4am when you have work at 8am, is no longer hilarious and spontaneous. It’s annoying and upsetting. It still won’t stop you, but you’ll moan for days.


12. Being different is okay. In fact you now revel in those quirks of yours.


13. DIY is actually awesome.


14. You remember things from your teen years, and are convinced they weren’t that long ago… Surely I didn’t leave school that long ago?!


15. If you’re in a relationship, people will assume and ask when you’re getting married/having babies.


16. That being said, you will attempt to plan your life (Ha!). Remember that episode of Friends where Β it’s Rachel’s birthday and she’s talking about her life plan? ‘If I want kids by 35, I’ll have to get married by 32..’ – Yeah we’ve all probably done this.


17. Eyebrows are so important. I’m sorry to my teenage eyebrows, I totally ignored you.


18. You’re no longer embarrassed to buy condoms or pregnancy kits.


19. The idea of housemates now fill you with dread. It’s not a cool slumber party with your besties all in one house. It’s arguments over who does the dishes and being sick of their face.


20. You’ll never regret taking so many photographs. Keep it up!






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