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Confidence Update

25th February 2015

Last month I wrote about how I wanted to improve my confidence, and the small steps I could take towards feeling more comfortable in my own skin. I’ve definitely given plenty of things a try, and found some success already which I wanted to share.


Being brave;

I’ve put myself purposely in situations that intimidate me a little, but that I know will be good for me. Offering to take on new responsibilities at work really paid off, my boss was impressed and told me how well I was doing, and I felt productive, inspired and more confident.


Spreading a little joy;

I’ve really made an effort to find happiness in each day, and be thankful for something. I’ve encouraged people around me, gone out of my way to cheer someone up, and complimented at least one person everyday. It feels amazing! I’m the happiest I’ve maybe ever felt.


Stopping comparison;

This one was the hardest for me. Whether it be wishing I looked different, was as successful as other people, or as funny/smart/creative; it was very difficult to stop. I have found though that I at least counteract these thoughts immediately, with more positive ones. I’ve made an effort to look nice, and complimented myself in moments of doubt. I’ve tried to remember that I’m in a much better place than I was a few years ago, and so I’m already successful in many ways. And as for being funny? Ahh well, you can’t have it all.


Tricking my body;

This one is quite funny because it works on two levels. I have began doing power poses at times when I feel most vulnerable or insecure, and it has helped. Mostly because I feel ridiculous, but it makes me laugh. Either way it stops me stressing out or caving in to insecurity. I also smile a lot more at strangers too, it’s nice. Try it.

Those are the small steps I’ve taken so far to build up my confidence, and I think it’s going great so far. I’m actually going to my first blog event ever in three weeks, and I’m so excited but I definitely think it’ll be a test for my confidence.


Wish me luck!




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