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An Artist Is An Explorer

10th March 2015

Henri Matisse was the creative behind the quote; “An artist is an explorer“, and I think he had something quite right there. To make Art is to explore different themes, emotions, tools, challenges and most of all imagination. By exploring through all of these things, we find out more about ourselves than ever before. I truly believe Art frees you and allows you to escape into another world, of your own creation. A world where everything can be as perfect or imperfect as you like, as strange and wonderful as you need and as unique as each dream running through your mind in the dead of night.


I’ve always been one to cheer people on to be creative in any way possible, but probably more so now since I’ve started blogging. I’ve seen how using this creative outlet has helped so many girls I’ve talked to (and men sorry! Just a lot less of you!) and how expressing themselves through blogging has changed so much about them. I’d like to encourage a few of you to think the same now about Art. Art doesn’t have to be this scary, intimidating, brilliant painting that you could never compete with. It doesn’t have to be pencils or ink strewn across paper. Art doesn’t have to be pretentious, hard, beautiful or public. It can be something you create today, right now, for yourself. And I encourage this is any way possible because it can be one of the most therapeutic and inspiring things you do for yourself.


A lot of you already know I keep Art journals, I like to create all sorts of DIY’s, I love to collage and I can often be found covered in paint. So when I discovered Cass Art had sent me the most beautiful package filled with water colour paints, exquisite brushes and the highest quality of paper; honestly I did a little squeal. You know how some girls would lust after MAC lipsticks and jump for joy if they got some for free? I basically had this reaction. Okay, I would too over some MAC but that’s beside the point guys.

I received a little message from Cass Art saying they simply wanted to know what I thought of their products, as they pride themselves on affordable, quality art supplies; encouraging people to explore their creative side. I must say, I was impressed.

I’ve been using the products all this past week, ‘testing the water’ you could say. If you have me on Instagram you’ve probably seen me playing with my beautiful new toys, trying to make the most of them. I can’t even do them justice by telling you how exquisite they are; a true joy to own.


I’ll be honest with you, I’m terrible using watercolour paints. I’m much more at home and comfortable with acrylics. But pushing and forcing and even dragging myself out of that comfort zone is totally what I need. I feel like this beautiful gift is giving me the opportunity to practise, learn and grow. So for the month of March, watercolour is my focus. I usually have some sort of plan for my 12 Projects ideas, I can at least see what the endgame is gonna look like over the horizon. March however? Nah.. this one’s different.


An Artist is an Explorer” – and I intend to explore. I can’t say if I’ll have much to show at the end of the month, or if there’ll be a structure to it. But I can say I’ll have tried something.

What will you try?





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