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Awkward Blogging Moments

9th March 2015

If I’ve not made it obvious before now, blogging is awesome. It’s creative, stimulating, inspiring, helpful, social and sometimes life changing. Starting this blog is definitely one of the better decisions I’ve made. However, with blogging sometimes comes awkwardness. Those squelchy, red faced, gawky moments that non bloggers just don’t get. Here’s my rundown…


1. When your family finds your blog. Oh god, I love you mum but please stay away from my blog. If you’re reading this; bugger off. I love you, but stop. Also, tell auntie Mo to stop tweeting me please, in the nicest way possible.


2. People wanting favours. Ughhh, this might be my worst one because it makes me feel awful. Lots of bloggers will experience friends asking for freebies, asking to promote them in some way, or do blog posts on something they sell/make/do/campaign. Honestly I feel awful because I just have to straight out turn some friends down. It’s not that I don’t want to help you, or I don’t think what you do is awesome; but this blog is my place for my things. It doesn’t necessarily have a niche, but there’s an umbrella of subjects I’ll cover and your fundraiser might not be one of them. I’m sorry! I don’t want to spam my readers with things that aren’t relevant to them!


3. ‘Follow me?’ We all know those people who tweet us/comment us this. And yes there are the spammers which we all ignore, but what about the genuinely lovely people who always comment on your blog? What if they aren’t spamming, but just ask that one time, and you check out their blog.. but you just don’t like it/it’s not your thing. Awkward. What then? Surely you don’t tell them?! Eek. I dunno guys, this one makes me want to back up and run away. How do you other bloggers deal with this?


4. Friends who don’t ‘get it’. I’m not implying here that all non bloggers are out of the loop; not at all. I have a bunch of friends who understand why I take photos all the time, why I’m furiously making notes when a random idea hits, why my Instagram is important for my blog or why I have a Facebook page. Or why I even care about all of the above. But there are some who just think you’re wasting time, being vain, or self centered. Awkward when you get your DSLR out at lunch…


5. Fangirl. I can easily name about 5 blogs that I check every single day without fail, whether on my computer or out and about on my phone. I comment on every new post, I favourite their tweets, I stalk their Instagram. It’s starting to get awkward guys. It’s now at the point I sometimes hold back on ‘favouriting’ that awesome thing they just posted, in fear of looking like a stalker. But some people are just so awesome that I have to follow them on every platform, and I get excited when I see a new blog has gone up. Is this just me? I promise I do not want to kill you and wear your face, I just really like that shit you posted dude.

What things do you find awkward about blogging?




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