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My First Blog Event

1st March 2015

Yesterday was a day to be brave. If you’ve read my posts about confidence, you’ll know I’ve been determined to step out of my comfort zone lately, and I was certainly put to the test when I had the opportunity to attend the #NWBloggerMeet in Liverpool! Someone had dropped out last minute (the night before!) and I was lucky enough to get myself a place. I was already meeting Georgina from She Might Be Loved on Saturday anyway, as she had been invited to give a talk at the event, and asked if we should finally meet after chatting for the past few months over Twitter etc. I was so thrilled to meet her, as I admire her so much! So when I heard I also had the opportunity to attend the event with her.. well, I was ecstatic.


It didn’t take long for my nerves to set in however. I worried I would be super shy, I’d look silly, or I’d end up on my own with nobody to talk to. Basically I was being ridiculous. But I told myself it’d be worth it, it’s all about the experience. So I popped on my lipstick, grabbed my camera, and headed out that door Saturday morning determined to make the most of this opportunity. Little did I know it’d end up being one of the best days ever, I’d feel confident, and I’d make great new friends.


The whole thing was held in The Button Boutique and it looked absolutely incredible! Fairy lights twinkling everywhere, cupcakes galore, and a whole range of decor to make any blogger swoon; it was the perfect setting.

Georgina shared so many wonderful tips, tricks and stories of her experiences that I instantly felt inspired and understood. It was fantastic to meet other bloggers finally and share that same bond. Everyone was so, so lovely and I didn’t find it hard to talk to anyone at all. In fact, I was a chatty bugger! I didn’t shut up I think, so apologies if I was annoying to anyone 😉


We each got a goody bag full of lovely products from Bee Good, Stella & Dot, Deborah Mitchell and Magic Accessories to name just a few. The lovely Liz from Stella & Dot gave a little introduction to the range of products they offer too, and really expressed how personal each piece is. They provide beautiful jewelry for a range of tastes, and I personally fell in love with so many necklaces! I will definitely be treating myself to one soon.


The best part of yesterday was the feeling of pride I got at being involved in such a great community. There are so many benefits to blogging, but making new friends who genuinely share this passion is a winner for me. When everybody was going home yesterday, a few of us all walked into town together chatting away and laughing, and I couldn’t have been happier. Holly, Lisa and I also popped to the Body Shop to say hi to Aisling, who I’ve been meaning to meet for ages! It was so lovely to finally meet her and I definitely hit my blogger quota for the day. Meeting so many was just fantastic. Then it was onto Lush to pick up some goodies of course, and Holly was definitely the right person to go with. She is clearly a fan, as she was an expert in so many products, and made me smell everything!

I cannot begin to explain how great it feels to have finally met other bloggers, and taken this big step. I was so afraid of being too awkward, when in fact I’ve never felt more at home. Thank you to the lovely Katie for arranging such a magnificent event, it was truly awesome.


And after all this, I plan on going another event in two weeks. Phew… Bring it on!




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