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Being Fierce

26th April 2015
This week has seen my anxiety pull me under and almost drown me for the first time in around a year. Anxiety is a struggle that I battle with, and mostly overcome. A lot of the time I’m treading water, and it’s hard, but I can see the shore. This week left me gasping for breath and scrambling more than I’d like to go into though. And quite frankly, I’ve had enough. Anxiety, you are a cruel bitch whose shit I’m not willing to put up with anymore.

Of course, I’m not saying there’s a choice. Please; anyone else who suffers, do not be offended by my attitude right now. I’m simply saying that I’m choosing to be FIERCE. I’m going to push through this with all the power I can muster, and I’m gonna come out the other side stronger. I’m determined to not let this be the defining factor in who I am. I’m going to be the girl who makes you laugh, the girl who chases her dreams, the girl who isn’t afraid and the girl who also, sometimes, feels anxious… and that’s okay.


There are going to be hard times again, of course. But I promise myself I will concentrate on the good throughout it. I’m not going to feel like a failure, or a freak, and I’m not going to worry about what other people think. I’m going to remember this moment, and how I got through it.


I’m going to be fierce.


*There are hundreds of ways you can deal with anxiety, and I fully recommend always consulting with your doctor about this.





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