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Blogging; Past, Present, Future

11th April 2015

A few weeks back, I celebrated one year blogging and I couldn’t be happier to have reached this milestone. I’ve wanted to write a post reflecting on all the things I’ve learned for a while, and this seemed like the perfect chance after one whole year of lovely, little experience.

Back Story;

I’d been reading blogs for years, without consciously thinking about it. I’d just visit these ‘websites’ I knew I liked a lot. I’d Google random things I liked, and find others with similar interests. I ended up growing up finding sites written by women, providing me with a dream; something to aspire to. These girls were awesome, they were doing something really cool and incorporating all these skills and interests into one hobby; photography, writing, editing, craft, DIY, website design and promotion. These amazing girls/women were obviously rich, really clever, super talented, understood how to build websites and were very grown up obviously… right?


Wrong. I don’t know when I suddenly realised that what they were doing (as awesome as it was) wasn’t something unattainable; I could do it too! So I decided to finally look into this blogging thing. Don’t get me wrong, it was trial and error, and I gave up and started again more times than I wish to go into. But eventually I got inspired and really motivated due to hating my job so much, and wanting to do something for myself. That’s when Dorkface was born.

What I Wish I’d Known;

Oh man! The things I wish I could change or tell myself last year. First of all I wish I’d have started blogging sooner, this one actually gets me so annoyed sometimes! Because I had blogs on and off for years but never stuck to any, and never had any idea how awesome it could be. Just think where Dorkface could have been if I’d have started years ago?! Anyway.. let it go Jemma.


I hadn’t fully explored the blogging community much and I only followed a small amount of people in the beginning. The majority were beauty bloggers, and as awesome as this was; it made me feel I had to only blog about beauty too. Silly me! So yeah, I wish I’d have known my blog could be based on a whole range of subjects close to my heart. My blog is now my little world, and as lovely as it is for other people to have one special ‘niche’; I’m quite happy to build Dorkface into a whole niche of it’s own. I’ll continue to do DIY posts, review my favourite makeup products, write about issues important to me and share my life with you guys. Who knows how things will develop for this blog? That’s the beauty of this amazing hobby.

Amazing Things;

If you haven’t ever had a blog, you might wonder what makes this something I’m so passionate about. Well to start with, I’ve discovered a truly fabulous community of other bloggers. I now live on Twitter, and it’s basically because I enjoy chatting to other bloggers all day! It’s a community of people who all support each other, offer advice, encouragement and a whole load of love. I know if I’m having a down day, I could post this on Facebook and Twitter, yet it’ll be Twitter that goes crazy with notifications, messages full of love and care. Not one person being nosy or questioning, only letting me know they are there and giving me reasons to smile. I can’t say the same about Facebook… take from that what you will. People leave me wonderful comments on every post I put out there, to let me know they’ve read my words. Which when you think about it, is amazing. There are ‘strangers’ who I consider friends, who I talk to every single day, who follow me on every platform and know all the ins and outs of my life. There are even some other bloggers I’ve met in real life and consider firm friends and inspirations. It’s hard to describe how lovely this community is unless you’re involved with it yourself. I thoroughly recommend it.


I wont lie, another amazing thing is getting involved with brands. It can feel truly special when a company admires your work, and they decide they want to work with you. Not just because sometimes they’ll send you products to review, or pay you for your collaboration; but because you’re being recognised in this field. THAT is truly the best thing I can get out of this. When people I respect to pay attention to my words and creative endeavors, I am filled with gratitude. Being a writer has been my dream since I was a little girl, and if this can help even a tiny part towards that, I’m in awe.


I’d also like to mention that this blog has made my creativity soar ever since I began. I studied Art and Design at college and University and once I left, never really picked up on it again until I began this blog. I’m so thankful I have this as a creative outlet and motivator now. I’m now always working on something creative, and I feel free.

Wisdom I’ve Gained;

Make your blog however you damn well want to.

Reach out, talk to people, get involved with the community!

Don’t expect a big following overnight.

Moaning/bitching won’t get you anywhere.

Don’t lie. It’ll bite you in the ass sooner or later.

Making someone else happy, will also fill you with happiness.

Sometimes you’ll need help.

Don’t be scared, you won’t be sorry you were brave & put yourself out there.

Where I Want To Go From Here;

This blog got me my current job, so who knows what else it will get me? Maybe an even better job in the future? The dream would be to one day do this full time, or write/create somehow for a living. Doing something so creative like this brings me so much happiness, and I want to keep doing it as much as possible. Maybe one day I’ll have a little shop for my Artwork. Maybe I’ll release a book 😉 Who knows. It doesn’t even matter where I end up. It doesn’t matter if nothing ever comes of this because I love the process and the journey is changing me. I just hope I can look back on something I’m proud of.


If you read all of this, I appreciate it more than I could ever express. I wrote this so you could have an insight into my experiences, but also so I could record where I am at this very moment in time. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, filled with happiness and smiles.





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