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Four Ways To Use Polaroid Photos

7th April 2015

Today I shared a little creative guest post on Erica’s blog, and I was so happy with the outcome I wanted to post it here too for you guys. Have you ever fancied doing something a little different with your photographs? If so, keep reading!…

With Instagram fast becoming our generation’s version of a photo album, it’s not surprising that many of us have taken to getting our Instagram photographs printed, or even enjoying Polaroid cameras for the pleasure of seeing your work instantly. I’m not one of the fortunate people to own an Instax camera yet (*cry*), however I came across Polargram recently and I’m happy to say it’s almost as good as having one of those beautiful cameras.

Since I’ve been ordering batches of prints ever since, I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite ways to use them around the home. So forget Instagram (only for a moment!) and get creative with your images in a good old fashioned hands on DIY!


1. Hang them & use as bunting;

Is there anything as lovely and Pinterest as this? You can find pretty string and miniature pegs to hang them from easily enough; I got plenty in Wilkinsons. I find this works most beautifully when displayed over a desk or workspace.. maybe a dressing table? Somewhere you’ll be sitting and can surround the area with pretty photographs. You could even stick to a ‘theme’ for different work spaces. Inspiring quotes hanging over your desk maybe?


2. Make a gallery wall;

Similar to number 1, this one works best on display somewhere you’ll see it often. But it can also be used to bring a little life to any plain wall. It’s really important if you’re going to be doing a grid or series of photographs you align them all perfectly straight!


3. Use as handmade cards/postcards;

A little bit of glue, some card, cute washi tape and a stamp; done! The effort required here is minuscule, but the payoff is adorable. Send someone a little handmade card to cheer their day up, and you’ll look ever so creative as well as thoughtful.


4. Book covers;

A random one? Maybe. But all you obsessive, organised types will love this. I use two or three on different notebooks at the moment for different things. You can see below I use one for my healthy habits notebook; full of recipes, healthy snack ideas and different work out ideas. I’ve popped a very pretty (albeit arty) looking banana photograph on the front and viola!; Easy to remember which notebook is for which. Plus, it just looks a little bit fantastic.


I hope you guys enjoyed this post.

What other ways can you think of to use Polaroids?





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