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3 Ways To Improve Your Social Media

19th May 2015

Whether you use social media for fun, business or blogging; there are a bunch of things you can do to improve your experience working across different platforms. There are some things I’ve learned along the way through blogging, and other things I’ve learned from other people working in social media, which has been super helpful. I try to do all three of these things myself, and thought I might share them with you guys in case you were interested 🙂


1. Purge.

Unfollowing people isn’t always a bad thing, or meant in a nasty way. I thoroughly recommend unfollowing anyone who makes you feel bad, whether it’s a small or big thing. For example, a while back one of my friends was being quite negative on Facebook, and all their updates were bitchy, moany, ranty. It got to the point I had to mute them, because they really brought me down. Unfollowing their updates was a SO WORTH IT, and actually improved our friendship too. Another reason to unfollow someone, may be because you just don’t like their blog anymore. There’s no point subscribing to a blog if it holds no interest to you at all. If anything, great blog posts get lost in the sea of ones boring you. Purge, clean out, get rid. Follow only ones you LOVE.

2. Give Personality/Follow Personality.

This is the part where I recommend following people who cheer you on, who are friendly, who make you laugh and who have the same interests as you. And likewise, you should do all this too. People love when you let your personality shine through! So be yourself, support others in your field and always take a moment to help people. Don’t worry 24/7 about promoting yourself or being 100% professional (unless you have to of course!). Let people see the real you a little!

3. Update & Explore.

Updating often is the most obvious tip, but it’s a very important way of making the most of your social media. If people see you are active, they’ll want to follow you and get to know you more. Likewise, the more active you are, the more you can explore across whatever platform you’re using (Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, etc). Exploring means finding people who inspire you, connecting with brands and businesses you want to work with, finding others with the same quirky hobbies and reaching a whole new audience too. YAY!



Are you guys using your social media to it’s full advantage? 🙂





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