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8 Ways To Have A Great Day

10th May 2015

There’s something about positive people; they are so infectious.


Even on a bad day, if I surround myself with the right people I can feel so much better about everything. Sometimes it’s not always possible though; whether you’re working from home, you haven’t got time, or.. maybe you don’t know anybody super positive. Even more reason for you to keep reading!


At the moment I’m feeling really happy; which is a combination of good people, creativity and having a plan. I’m hoping I can put this energy into sharing some things that have helped me, and passing on these positive vibes to you guys. Then in turn, maybe you will pass them on to someone else, and so on. We’ll become a great, big, happy chain of smiles! (This sounded less hippy in my head).

So, what ensures a great day for me?

1. Being Creative.

It’s no secret that I’m one of those creative types. I thrive in the world of the unknown, without rules or expectations. I find this to be one of the greatest sources of happiness for me, but I also think it would help even those of you who shy away from pencils, paints or crafts. If you can let yourself explore your creative side (and you do have one!) even just a little while, you’ll feel so much better from it. Whether it’s taking photographs, writing a short story, making a card for someone or decorating a room; being creative will give your mind much needed ‘play time’, and also help you feel more focused when it’s time to get back to ‘work’.


2. Getting Physical.

(Ooer!) As much as I moan until I’m blue in the face, getting a little red in the face actually makes me feel good. Any sort of physical activity that gets my blood pumping makes me feel alive, awake and ready to take on anything! If I have a day where I’m sat on my arse for too long (right now..) it can leave me feeling claustrophobic, and a little down. So that’s it, I’m off to do some chores! (after this post..)


3. Being Social.

We all know the joys of spending time with friends and chatting over social media. But I don’t mean wasting time on there, which I’m guilty of sometimes. I mean useful, stimulating and refreshing experiences talking to others, not scrolling constantly through Twitter. Call up a friend and arrange to make plans one day for something special, interview someone who inspires you, take the time to spoil your other half. Just by making our social interaction that little bit different, we get more out of it in a fantastic way.


4. Being Prepared.

In some ways, I can be very ‘Type A’. But being organised, methodical and making a plan can be so calming and therapeutic, especially if I have deadlines. If you start the day making a list of things you need to get done, you’ll feel SO good as you tick each item off. Instant feel good vibes! Plus, it’ll help you keep on top of things which will help avoid stress later on.


5. Feeling Healthy.

Ughh.. this again. Notice I wrote ‘feeling’, rather than ‘being’? Yeah, I’m cheating here a little. There are plenty of ways I make myself feel healthy, and it totally improves my mood. I’m no angel when it comes to food and exercise, but until I find that motivation to become the next top model, here are my instant cheats. Little pieces of goodness; slicing up an apple and eating it first thing in the morning. It doesn’t matter if I eat junk for the rest of the day (obviously it does Jemma), making sure I do one good thing reassures me I’m not totally doomed. Sometimes I’ll take a walk the local shop, just to get out and get some fresh air. It’s invigorating, and breaks up exercise into easy chunks. I also love looking after my skin, giving it a deep cleanse and polish. It just makes me feel I’m looking after my body, and gives me a smile 🙂


6. Having Fun!

Okay, if the previous points have felt a bit like a chore, then this is the one for you. Have fun! Schedule something into your day that you’ll really look forward to, and you’ll be glad you did at the end of the day. Maybe it’s popping into town and visiting the Art gallery? Maybe it’s back to back episodes of Pretty Little Liars? (No spoilers please, I’m on S3!) Or maybe it’s simply curling up with a good book. Whatever you’re idea of fun is, make the time for it. You’ll never regret something that made you happy.


7. Making Someone Else Feel Good.

Tell someone how pretty they look, compliment your friends recent successes, call up your mum and tell her you miss her, buy a small gift for someone for no reason, whatever. You get the point, there are a million and one ways you can make someone smile. Bonus points if you do this for a stranger, because then it feels doubley good!


8. Hope.

Making goals is what keeps me going these days. My life has completely changed in the past year or two for the better, and I owe it completely to looking forward and planning what I want to do with my life. Don’t be afraid to hope for things that seem impossible. Instead, make a plan! How can you get even a little closer to this dream? Do things today to work towards this. You can do it, and it’ll be so worth it. Never give up hope, and remember that half the battle is believing in yourself and trying.


Four years ago, my dream was simply to wake up without wishing that I hadn’t.

Three years ago, my dream was to get my life together and feel normal.

Two years ago, my dream was to push myself to be more creative and positive.

One year ago, my dream was to be braver, and go for the things that inspired me.

Today, my dream is to keep going.


I hope you all have a fantastic day, and remember that you never know what tomorrow may hold.



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