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Monthly & Yearly Blog Goals

14th May 2015
As someone who loves a good to-do list, and feels rather excited by crossing things off these said to-do lists; I couldn’t let the opportunity pass to share one of my recent favourites with you guys. At the start of the year (January 1st, to be exact!), I decided to make some blogging goals for the entire year, in the hopes it would keep me organised and focused. I also decided to make extra goals each month as time goes on, so that I can keep things fresh in my mind and motivate me for small tasks.


So since we’re almost halfway through the year, I’d like to share some of my thoughts so far for monthly and yearly blogging goals…

(Bold are the ones I’ve done already)

Goals for 2015:

– Host a Twitter chat (confirmed, soon!)

Open an Etsy shop

– Reach 1000 Bloglovin followers

– Finally get the hang of affiliate links (and use them)

Reach 3000 Twitter Followers

– Publish 400 posts

– Reach 2000 Bloglovin followers

Attend a blogger meet up (two so far!)

Reach 100,000 views

Reach 5000 Twitter followers

Turn the spare room into an actual office for blogging/work

– Push my DA up to 30

Work with more brands

Design new business cards

Monthly Goals:

– Take part in at least one Twitter chat each week

– Publish at least three posts each week

– Add to my art journal

– Fill up my advertising slots


It feels fantastic to see the things I’ve achieved so far, whether big or small. Seeing the things I’ve yet to do doesn’t leave me disheartened either; I’m motivated to keep going! I have so many ambitions inside and outside of blogging, and knowing I’m on the right track really helps to keep me focused.

Do you guys set yourselves monthly or yearly goals?

Let me know how you’re doing so far!




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