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Blog Tips Posts & Why I’m Okay With Them

15th June 2015

It’s no secret that there has certainly been a rise in the numbers of blog tips posts out there in the blogging community, I’m sure 90% of you know this already. I’ve even done one or two myself, such as Better Blogging in 6 Steps. This post was focused solely on my thoughts on things that have helped my blog to improve. I know that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone, and I certainly don’t think I’m some blogging expert. However most of the time I tend to stick to things like 10 Things My Favourite Blogs Do, the post I did a few months ago, as these are posts where I’m confidently just stating facts about the things I like and the tools that I use.


Lately though, blog tips posts are getting a bad name. People are quite rightly moaning about bloggers who are acting preachy, or telling people what they have to do to run a blog; like there’s an official rule book the rest of us don’t know about or something. I totally get it; that’s bullshit. Nobody can tell you how a blog should be written, presented, or run. It’s yours, and that’s the beauty of blogging. It can also be quite worrying if people are giving out wrong or bad advice, obviously.


However, even now I will be the first to say I love reading these kind of posts, and hear me out before you think I’m foolish. Here are five reasons why I’m still a fan of blog tips posts;


1. When they are done RIGHT, aka not preachy, or know it all; they can be really useful (especially for newer bloggers or those without tech knowledge).


2. They may shed light on something you’ve not thought of doing before.


3. Sharing your ideas/tips helps you reflect on your own progress. Defining what’s worked and what hasn’t for your own blog can be really eye opening.


4. I can always learn more!


5. These posts are another fantastic way to actually talk about blogging and all the little details and experiences that go with it. Do you know how amazing it is to read/interact/chat with other bloggers about this stuff when most of my friends don’t even understand blogging?! I will never tire of that.


So yes, I know if done really wrong these posts can be just awful. But quite honestly I’ve never seen anyone publish anything telling me how I should or shouldn’t be running my blog; but maybe I follow the right people? I love posts that just let me know what other bloggers out there are doing, and what has worked really well for them.

So what do you guys think? Love ’em or hate ’em?




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