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DIY Tassel Bunting

29th June 2015

Happy Monday everyone! I know Mondays aren’t particularly great for a lot of people, and even though I’m actually in work myself today with a long week ahead, I’m actually in a fantastic mood! I’ve spent the last few weeks concentrating on design work and social media work, which I’m SO glad for, but now is the time to put my heart and soul back into this blog. I love making this space somewhere I post at least 3-5 times a week with all my favourite things, and I haven’t been able to do that as much lately.


So today is the start of a launch back into everything I love; I have posts lined up I’ve been meaning to do for ages, time scheduled just for blogging plans, and a bunch of enthusiasm to boot. Woohoo!


To kick this off with a bang, today I’m bringing you one of my favourite type of posts, a lovely little DIY! If you fancy creating a colourful little space for yourself at home within 10 minutes, then keep reading.


What you’ll need:


A few pieces of coloured paper,

small pegs,

washi tape,



First, cut your pieces of paper into chunky squares. The size is totally up to you, but I did mine around 4×4 each. Consider how many tassels you want to create, as that’s how many squares of paper you will need. Then you should use the scissors to cut the squares into strips of paper, with just a small space left at the top, keeping it all together.

Next you’ll want to roll each piece of paper up, with the strips of paper hanging down nicely. Secure in place with a piece of washi tape around the top of each tassel. You may even want to fluff out the paper a little to give it some ‘oomph!’.


Now you’re almost done! Keep going until you’ve created as many tassels as you need for your chosen space. Once you have enough, secure them to your string with some cute little pegs.

And viola! You have the cutest and colouful little decoration within minutes. You can even expand on this idea by adding glitter, teaming it with fairy lights, using patterned paper or hanging photographs. The possibilities are endless.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post!




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