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Hello June

1st June 2015

I can hardly believe we’re in June already, I swear it was only March yesterday.


In Liverpool at the moment the weather is mostly alright. There are some bright, sunny days, and some rather rainy days. But to tell you the truth, I love rainy days anyway! There is nothing more comforting to me than grey clouds, lashings of rain and even the booming of thunder. Am I weird?


Anyway, at the start of every month it’s nice to look ahead and plan, as well as reflect on the last month. I feel it keeps me on track in a way, or maybe I just like to pretend I’m organised. Either way, today’s post is a celebration of the new month ahead!

Good Things From May:


1. I’m now working part time instead of full time.

2. I have started freelance social management.

3. I got my first two clients.

4. I’ve secretly started my website for social management.

5. People are buying artwork from me (this warms my heart!)

6. I’ve had more time with Gary!

7. We celebrated our 4 year anniversary, amazing!

8. Renewed our contract on the flat to stay here another year, yippee!

9. Pink hair.

10. Various outing with my fave Liverpool bloggers! – I love having blog friends ^_^

Things I Want From June:

1. Happiness (Pretty obvious & simple.. but yeah).

2. More days/nights out with Liverpool bloggers!

3. Website up and running.

4. To book a holiday for next year.

5. Possibly another social media client.

6. More Tsum Tsums for my collection!

7. To do a little more DIY (the fun kind!)

8. To Periscope more often (yes I’ve started using it!)

9. To hit 1450 followers on Bloglovin‘ 🙂

10. To treat Gary to something nice (I like buying him presents but haven’t been able to for a while).

Fingers crossed I can check off most of these by the end of the month!

Let me know what you’re hoping for in June?





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