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Sunday Catch Up

21st June 2015

Good morning and happy Sunday to you all :]


I’m currently on day 1 of 3 days off, so today is a happy day for me for sure. A lot of it will be spent painting and designing to be honest, which is lovely. Then there’s a meal and drinks planned for some fellow Liverpool bloggers on Tuesday which will be fun!

I thought I’d update you guys on life this week and do a little Sunday round up post.

Things I’ve Liked About This Week


Seeing Jurassic World – SO good! The only part that annoyed me was the main woman in it, her hair was perfect all the way through and I was like, NO.


Going shopping with mum.


Spoiling myself a little. I’ve ordered the cutest dress which will hopefully be here in a day or two, I found an awesome outfit in Primark, I bought some cute kawaii accessories and my new hair extensions are on their way too!


Watching Pretty Little Liars with Gary. It’s happened. My constant watching of it in front of him means he has gotten into it a little and started watching it with me! Haha. This is kind of awesome as I love enjoying things together, even if he does take the piss out of most of it.


Orange Is The New Black. It’s back, finally! I’ve loved having one of my fave shows back to binge on. Especially with the new addition of Ruby Rose, WOAH. I’m liking Alex more than ever in this season, and liking Piper a lot less :/ Which is odd, but there we go. I’m also a huge fan of this new Doggett and Boo friendship, so awesome.

Next Week


Working a lot, blehh.


Gary goes to Plymouth which means I’ll be moping most likely.


However it’ll give me a chance to get all my current design work out of the way. After it’s all completed in around a week, I’ll be taking a break from it. Not a huge one, only a week or two off from commissions, but I really need it. I’m extremely lucky that I’ve had a constant demand for illustrations, paintings etc since I started selling my work, but it’s taken up a huge chunk of my time too. I haven’t had a chance to paint just for fun, and I’d like to enjoy that again. So yeah, not a big deal but a break for a week or two will be great.


Possible chance of me getting my lip re-pierced. I’ve missed it so much! It depends though, as I usually spend all of my money lately before I think to save anything for it haha. But if I do I’ll be very happy.

So that’s where I am right now; very busy trying to keep up with designs and managing social accounts for clients. Loving every second though! If you’d like to get a closer glimpse into my daily life, you should follow me on Instagram.

What have you guys been doing this week? :]






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