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10 Beauty Confessions

25th July 2015

I’m writing this so you can all feel better about yourselves, and totally superior to me because I am clearly a MESS.

You’re welcome.

1. I only wash my brushes like every two weeks, sometimes three. I know, I’m disgusting.


2. I go to bed with my makeup on at least twice a week.


3. I use face wipes. I KNOW. But it’s easier to use a wipe quickly first, then use a proper makeup remove and cleanser. It feels even cleaner…


4. I only tidy my makeup area/bag if I need photographs.


5. I have no patience for my nails, even though I love having them painted. So I just slap the polish on and have smudges everywhere. Oh well.


6. I only use lip liner every once in a blue moon.


7. I just don’t really care about mascara. I buy whatever one appeals to me at the moment, and where it because I have to. But my eyelashes are boring and short and nothing ever changes that.


8. I bite my nails often. No perfect nails around here..


9. As you all know, I love to change my hair. But this means I bleach it often and I ruin my hair regularly. But I’m addicted, oh dear.


10. I’m crap at blending eyeshadows, which is a real shame as I have hooded eyelids and boy I could really do with some skills in that area.

Now, you guys; Confess!




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