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Friday Five 3#

31st July 2015



Five things I’m proud of;


1. Starting this blog, and keeping up with it.

2. Taking the chances I have, to follow my dream job.

3. Living life for myself, ignoring expectations.

4. Learning to like myself (mostly) again.

5. Being brave.

Five things that remind me of my childhood;


1. Bikes.

2. The beach.

3. The Moomins.

4. My nan’s house.

5. Dream phone.

Five songs I’ll always love (This was HARD);


1. Shut Me Up – Mindless Self Indulgence.

2. Where Is My Mind – The Pixies.

3. What’s My Age Again? – Blink 182

4. Pure Morning – Placebo

5. Just Like Heaven – The Cure

(This list killed me because there are so many more I wanted to name!)

Five regrets;


1. Letting him treat me like that.

2. Not being myself.

3. Not going to that gig.

4. Not starting my blog sooner.

5. Not calling Dad that night.

Five blogs you should visit today;











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