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A Cute Photo Collage DIY

21st August 2015

Hello little unicorns! (Soz, I’m in a weird mood.) I hope you’re all having an incredible week so far, and have nice plans for the weekend. This week I’ve been organising my office, trying to categorise everything and give it a good overhaul so it’s the perfect place for me to work on all my projects. I’ll probably do a post on this soon to be honest. But anyway, in the middle of my tidying, rummaging and organising; I found a bunch of polaroid photos I had printed a few months ago (from Polargram).

They are the nicest bunch of random photos of completely different memories, friends and times in my life. Some old, some recent; but all awesome. Sadly they were just sitting in a drawer and I felt they were being completely wasted. So why not use them for a DIY?

I decided I wanted to build up a cute collage and frame it, and luckily I already had a spare frame hanging around. I collected some pretty papers, stickers, washi tape, buttons and some AMAZING prints which I had bought from Toni over at Lemon Freckles a while ago. These were made for bunting, but I kept my bunting quite short, so I had one or two images over that I decided to use in this collage.

After that it’s just a case of arranging everything until you’re happy! The joy of this project is that there is no right or wrong way to do it; just go with whatever you find aesthetically pleasing and you’re onto a winner. Mine is one bursting with different colours and textures, and has a really happy vibe about it.

I think something like this would be perfect for a DIY gift for someone, or simply brightening up a room πŸ™‚ What do you guys think?

Also, 10 points to the first person to name that blogger you can spot in my photographs! πŸ™‚

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