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Avoiding Negativity In The Blogging World

24th August 2015

I won’t lie to you guys, sometimes it’s DAMN hard to avoid negativity in the blogging world. 

There’s always someone having a snipe, a drama, or just someone who is just determined to slow your roll. Sometimes it’s like dodging bullets left and right and it’s a little tiresome.

Now, before you all get too tempted to shout ‘But Jemma sometime’s its justified! This thing should be ranted about, or this person should be called out!’ – Yes dear shouty reader I am with you! Har har! I feel your energy; now go! Go fight for all those passionate issues!

Phew, that was exhausting even thinking about getting worked up.

No, I know there are plenty of times we all need a moan, or we need to voice important issues; and by god I’ll be there with the lot of you helping. But today I just kind of wanted to chat about how I do feel like I often have to remind myself to be happy, or remind myself to keep an upbeat voice/blog. I know I don’t have to, but I want to

If you’ve been a reader of this blog for a while, you may have already read some of my posts (like this one) explaining how blogging has made me a happier person, and how I’m much more upbeat these days because of blogging. I can’t see that ever changing to be honest. But I do find I have a few regular examples of things that tempt me into negative moods… if I let them.

1. There’s the cheeky as hell companies/brands that email me asking me to put their links in some of my old posts. Cheeky sods. I wouldn’t do this anyway, as it wouldn’t be relevant or useful in anyway to my readers or the posts themselves, but especially when they ask me to do it for free! Aha, one point to you dear company for being nobheads.

2. There’s the exhaustingly boring attention seekers always looking for drama on Twitter. Come on, we can all name at least ONE can’t we? And once again just to be sure you understand; I don’t mean when people are calling out things that should be called out, or there’s some bullshit that needs to be cleared up. No, I love those things. I’m talking here about those whiny, constant people ALWAYS looking to argue. Trying to avoid this negativity is hard, because even though I don’t follow them, they use hashtags I follow or constantly talk/argue to other people I follow and they inevitably end up on my feed.

3. There’s the constant temptation to compare yourselves to other bloggers. Whether its how popular their blog is, how awesome their writing/artwork/style is; it’s always just over the horizon, peeping into your consciousness trying to lure you into a darker frame of mind. Try not to go there guys. By even having a blog you are a creator, able to shape their own destiny in a way. Which I think is pretty awesome.

I could list more things.. but to be honest even doing this list alone for too long would leave me with some well neggy vibes.

I consider myself quite a happy person, with a positive outlook which I do try to pass onto others if I can. But yes, of course there are times this is hard (or damn near impossible) and that’s okay. I’d just like to remind everyone though that even if it’s hard; please do try to allow yourself plenty of happiness in the face of trying times. A positive life isn’t always easy, but it’s very rewarding.

Plus, think of all the money you’ll save on wrinkle cream!

Take a deep breath, remember how awesome life can be, and don’t let the trolls drag you down.

You got this.

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