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Friday Five 6#

desk cute kawaii stionary

Another Friday is here, the last of this month in fact! Will you guys be going out this weekend? Making any fun crafts? Or having any exciting adventures? I myself will be at home enjoying time painting and making new things for my Etsy store. I’m so excited to be seeing in September, because that means Autumn! 

Anyway… onto this weeks Friday Five! Be warned, this post has some swears in.

Five reasons to smile this week;

1. Being shortlisted for two awards! (Vote for me here?)

2. Seeing my first phone case printed with one of my designs on.

3. Making other cute crafty things for Etsy.

4. Hanging out with other bloggers at an awesome event.

5. Plenty of rain and thunder – my fave!

Five favourite swear words (lol);

1. Cunt (A lot of people find this SO offensive. I find it satisfying.)

2. Fuck.

3. Shitballs.

4. Twat.

5. Bitch (a tame one.. but a goodun).

Five favourite Instagram accounts;

1. https://instagram.com/fineanddandyblog/

2. https://instagram.com/kayleymills/

3. https://instagram.com/milkbubbleteablog

4. https://instagram.com/sugarandcloth

5. https://instagram.com/lemon_freckles

Five favourite foods/meals;

1. Pizza.

2. Patatas bravas and rice.

3. Chicken breast in mixed herbs and spices.

4. Fajitas.

5. Pasta.

Five blogs you should visit this weekend;

1. http://www.shemightbeloved.com/

2. http://www.wisheshopesdreams.co.uk/

3. http://www.thecurvaceousvegan.com/

4. http://amandabootes.co.uk/

5. http://hannahdelacour.blogspot.co.uk/

Have an amazing last week of August!

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