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Motivational Monday

31st August 2015

Let’s stop wishing away our days; they are already numbered. There is no way of telling how long each of us has left, before we drop of the face of the earth. Every single damn second we breathe and interact and think and smile and try is the most important thing in the world. Let’s stop wishing away Mondays, or whatever day it is you hate most. That’s a WHOLE DAY of your life, every single week. We are tiny, insignificant beings in this vast and mysterious universe;but we also only get this one fleeting life.


Take in the beauty that is in the world, the kindness that is out there.

Remind yourself that there is nobody else out there like you, which makes you important. This makes you one of a kind. Accept that life passes us by whether we like it or not; so we might as well enjoy the little time we have. Do something to show kindness today. Do something that makes you happy. Do something to remind yourself you are alive.

There are things we can’t control in this world, and things that will always happen that are tragic, annoying, and heartbreaking. But you can control your attitude. You can control your ambition and your love for life and your ability to make others smile. You can do so much good. 

Try to take something good from every single day, even the hardest ones. Be known for being someone who spreads joy. Be kind to yourself and know that it will be okay.

I think sometimes we all just need a little reminder to close our eyes, take a deep breathe, and take in the amazing fact that we are alive.

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