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Self Employment Expectations & Realities

27th August 2015

Since leaving my job and starting to work for myself, I’ve found myself crashing and tumbling through a whole new routine and way of working. Some of it’s great, some weird, and some bad! I thought I’d share it today to give a little insight into how my experience is going, truthfully!

EXPECTATION: Oh my god I can now have lazy days in bed, woohoo!

REALITY: Of course I can’t do that, I need to get shit done! *Feels guilty if sleep past 7:30am*

EXPECTATION: I’m going to be super organised, set myself dinner breaks and finishing times.

REALITY: *Starts work at 4pm. Works without looking up for 7 hours and has dinner break at around 2am*

EXPECTATION: Family will treat me like a grown up now, taking charge of her life!

REALITY: Everyone assumes I’m having a breakdown and rebelling against responsibilities.

EXPECTATION: I must now have enough to spoil myself with amazing products and experiences.

REALITY: Refuses to buy fancy toilet paper because I worked ALL DAY to get one small payment. Asda’s own it is…

EXPECTATION: I can wear what I want now & will make the effort to look extra pretty and cute!

REALITY: Wears the same pj’s for 3 days straight and forgets what bras are.

EXPECTATION: If I tell friends my business plans, they will laugh and think I’m deluded.

REALITY: Surprisingly encouraging and super supportive of my plans. (With suggestions and help on offer!)

Seriously though, it’s a whirlwind. I’m absolutely loving this right now, but who knows how long it’ll last? We’ll see. There are a few things that will be severely missed about having a ‘proper job’ though. A guaranteed wage, the feeling of freedom at the end of the day, stability, day to day interaction with amazing customers… Okay maybe not that last one!

I decided to write this post today as the guys over at City Calling* got in touch with me, asking if I wanted to share my experience a little, and why not? I’m embarking upon a new experience, and I’m really happy to share this with you all. If any of you are looking for a new challenge or career, you can find job vacancies with City Calling really easily, and you can find careers matched to your personality and skills.

Here’s to the next adventure! If only I could find my bra…

*Post written in collaboration with City Calling

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