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Think Money Blog Event

29th August 2015

Last week I was very kindly invited by Georgina from She Might Be Loved to the Think Money blog event in Manchester, for a day of fun with new friends. I was really excited to go as I love meeting new bloggers and I’m always looking for awesome events to go to and chat with like minded people!

The whole thing was set at the very top of the amazing Hotel Football in Manchester; an open top roof with a view looking out to the whole city. I’ll just take a moment to tell you right now that I failed to get a photograph as I was having too much fun to remember to; Doh!

As well as Georgina, I met a few other lovely ladies and gents that made the day a right laugh; Alfie, Caitlin, Anoushka, Simone and Carl. There were plenty of other lovelies there, but it was hard to chat to everyone. Our group was such a funny one and I found myself laughing all day 🙂

The whole thing was set up by the amazing Bryony from Think Money in the hopes of bringing bloggers together, and allowing us to get to know Think Money a little more. I cannot stress enough how perfectly this event was done; we were provided with amazing food and drink all day, a cupcake making session with Princess and the Cupcake, games of blogger bingo (I won!! I WON. I was pretty proud) and goody bags full of amazing gifts from some amazing brands such as Oh Deer, Derma V10 and Schwarzkopf to name just a few. Think Money have absolutely nailed blogger events; Bryony was one of the loveliest and most helpful people I’ve ever met through blogging, and the whole thing was focused on us having fun, rather than shoving a brand down our throats. How bloody refreshing! It makes you WANT to get to know the brand more when done this way, and I for one will be keeping an eye on Think Money.

I was so happy I got to meet so many lovely new people, and go to an event where we were so well looked after. It goes without saying a few of us went for a drink or two (*ahem*) afterwards, and I pretty much had the best day I could have hoped for!

I’d like to say a huuuuuge thank you to Think Money for putting this event on, to Bryony for being such a lovely host, and to Georgina for inviting me!






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