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35 Things To Do On A Rainy Day

26th September 2015

Personally, I LOVE rainy days! For me there’s nothing quite like getting buried on the sofa under a pile of blankets, having a Netflix binge, and drinking copious amounts of coffee!

However, I know not all of you enjoy those grey days stuck indoors, so I thought I’d come up with a list of things that may make you appreciate rainy days a little more. See them as an opportunity to do something you wouldn’t normally, and have fun with it!


So here we have it, 35 rainy day activities!

rainy day activities
1. Paint.

Grab some brushes (or use fingers!) and just start adding paint to paper without thinking. Paint the rainy day scene outside your window maybe?

 2. Make a magazine.

Nothing flashy here. I’m talking those old school scraps you used to put together as a kid (just me??) full of word searches, a collage of your fave fashion, write a column on a topic that interests you, and best of all, an awesome front cover. This is seriously so fun.

3. Play board games.

Because there’s nothing quite like a family argument over Monopoly.

 4. Indugle in Netflix binge.

This is even better when you add a blanket and Doritos.

 5. Bake.

Even if you’re terrible at it, like me; this is always a fun activity.

6. Organise your wardrobe.

To be honest I need to do this…

 7. Write a blog post.

Is there anything you keep meaning to write about? Get it done! Pinterest has great ideas.

 8. Have a social media clear out.

Say goodbye to people you never talk to, and make more time for the people you do!

 9. Read a book.

An obvious one, but for a reason. Allow yourself indulgent time to just get lost in a story.

 10. Have a pamper session.

Rainy days are perfect for this! Do your nails, get a hair mask on, take a bubble bath. Feel like a queen!

 11. Tidy.

I know, I know; this one’s boring. But let’s be honest it always feel so much better once it’s done.

 12. Shop online.

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you twice.

 13. Make a party of it.

You and the OH stuck in for the day? Make a good old event of it. Snacks out, duvet on the sofa, movies, music, dancing, whatever. Treat it like the most awesome indoor party ever.

 14. Organise your makeup.

I actually LOVE doing this one, but never get a chance! Having a good clear out helps de-clutter, and also reminds you of products you might have forgot about.

15. Get competitive.

Whether it’s on a Nintendo DS, Xbox or even just a phone app; challenge yourself to a game! (Bonus points if you do this with a partner and make a bet!)

16. Learn something new.

There’s no better way to feel good about yourself and really accomplished, than by learning something new. Maybe you’ve always meant to learn French, or perhaps you just want to watch a documentary about whales? Get dem knowledge gainz!

17. Take part in a twitter chat.

There’s always one on the go, so get chatting!

18. Pinterest.

Need I say more? Bonus point is you actually DO any of the DIYs you pin.

19. Make a collage.

Cut up old magazines, use paper from books you no longer want, add textures, glitter, drawings, whatever. Let your creativity flow!

20. Try out new hairstyles.

I should spent an hour or so trying new ones, because I hate wearing my hair the same way all the time.

21. Try nail art.

Maybe it’ll turn out Pinteresty; maybe it won’t. Try it anyway.

22. Cook for your other half.

Really go all out and make their favourite meal, maybe with a glass of wine. Making them feel special will be lovely.

23. Invite friends around.

Just because you can’t go out, doesn’t mean you can’t all stay in together!

24. Watch the harry potter movies.

Challenge yourself to see how many you can marathon!

25. Plan.
Use this time to plan and organise your week; what need’s doing, what your schedule will be, etc. Bonus points for cute planners and using cute stationery.

26. Customise your clothing.

 Patches, rips, some sequins, tie dye. Go nuts!

27. Meditate.

I find this one really hard to do, but definitely worth trying. Take this time to really relax and calm.

28. Make a scrapbook.

Use all those old photos you love, make a seasonal one, write down memories to go with the images. You’ll love it.

29. Make your own lipgloss.

Surprisingly easy! I love this tutorial.

30. Film a Youtube video.

Even if it’s just for a laugh, you’ll have fun.

31. Create a rainy day hamper/emergency kit.

I plan on doing this one myself! Fill a basket with a blanket, DVDs, sweeties, hot chocolate, board games and colouring books. It’ll make a special treat when you need it.

32. Make a gift.

If you make something handmade for someone, it’ll be sweet no matter what it is.

33. colouring books.

Just yes.

34. Make art.

Something for your wall maybe? Whether it’s digital or hand-drawn, create something you’ll like looking at everyday.

35. Write a letter.

Send a random letter to your nan/friend/blogger pal out of the blue and you will for sure make them smile!

So, what will you be doing on the next rainy day?





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