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My Art Essentials

24th September 2015

I’ve always considered myself one of those people happy to let my creativity flow in any medium it may take. So whether that be through photography, collages, paintings, installations, clay making or even makeup; I’m happy to try it!

There are definitely some art supply essentials though that I always need in stock, and make a mad dash to my local Cass Art* to buy as soon as I see that I’m running low. They’re my tried and tested little babies that I can’t bear to part with; so I thought I’d share some of them with you today.

Probably the most important one for me is the pads of watercolour paper, which I always have lots of. I use this paper for creating blog headers, custom art pieces and much more for whatever designs people may want. It’s amazing and perfect for watercolour obviously, but I find myself using this for a multitude of mediums as I just love the quality.

Next up are the Windsor and Newton Watercolour Markers. Now I’m still relatively new to these, and haven’t fully grasped the best way to use them as I’m still learning. But that’s the joy with art supplies isn’t it? Always try something new! However I already love them, I can see the quality of these is awesome, and it’s my aim to have every single colour in my collection soon.

Next up, I have another set of markers in my ‘must haves’; the Letraset Pro Markers. These babies are AWESOME. Gary and I actually share our collection and both absolutely love using them. Perfect for creating bold and beautiful prints or quirky illustrations; and the price isn’t bad either!

And finally; these graphite pencils are my go to if I’m not drawing in pen. I’m not a fan of typical pencils at all to be honest, and graphite’s give me a chance to stray away from pen but not have to feel like I’m in school. They give a great creative flare and strong dramatic lines which I adore.

As you can image, I do have hundreds of art supplies and I’m always looking for more; but these products are definitely my favourites. You can find all of these at Cass Art, and it’s the only place I shop for art materials. The price is good and the quality is heavenly. I thoroughly recommend you give them a visit, whether you’re a newbie or a professional. The best thing is, if you’re a student in Liverpool they have an awesome offer on the 6th October. There’s a 15% discount off everything, and a goodie bag worth £40 when you spend £15. How amazing is that? Find all the deets here!

All I need to do now is find a student to help me take advantage of this discount!

Seriously.. if you’re local to me, let me know haha 🙂

Have a great day guys!

*Post in collaboration with Cass Art. All views my own… because Cass Art are seriously epic.

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