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Friday Five 8#

11th September 2015

Five comedians I love;

1. Louis C.K

2. Chris Rock

3. Amy Poehler

4. Russell Howard

5. Billy Connolly

Five things I need to buy;

1. A Winter coat

2. Autumn tights (think reds, mustards and purples!)

3. Jumpers (yay!)

4. A play tunnel for Luna (she’d love it!)

5. Lush goodies.

Five characters I’d like to be friends with;

1. Clementine – so kooky & unique!(Eternal Sunshine)

2. Chandler – for all the lolz (Friends)

3. Lisbeth – Because just wow (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo)

4. Sherlock Holmes – It’d be fascinating! (In the BBC ‘Sherlock’ version)

5. John Luther – Because YUM and also WOW. (Luther)

Five current interests;

1. Orphan Black – I’m on S1 and loving it.

2. Everything Autumn – Fashion, weather, DIYs. I’m just so happy it’s here!

3. Beauty – Not that I went off it, but I’m just reaallllyyy back into my makeup.

4. Stationery – because always.

5. The Girl In The Spiders Web – My current read; which I’ve waited years for!

Five blogs that are awesome!;






Have a great weekend!

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