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September Goals

1st September 2015
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Hello September, I love you!

It’s officially the start of Autumn, which means I am absolutely filled with excitement for rainy days, dark nights, falling leaves, and candles. Autumn is my favourite season, if you didn’t know. So I’m feeling even happier than usual, which also helps my motivation. So what better than to start the month planning out my goals?

1. To try somewhere/something new.

Whether it be exploring my city a little more, or simply trying out a new restaurant; I want to say I’ve done something new! Maybe I’ll write about it here if so.

2. To get my merch in store.

I’ve been finding suppliers, designing like crazy, and making cute things behind the scenes. I can’t wait for them all to be in store for everyone to see!

3. To read something new.

I’m already finishing off a book, in eager anticipation to start the latest Millenium release (The Girl in the Spiders Web). I’ve waited so long for this book, I’m so excited to get stuck into it!

4. Start planning for Christmas.

Oh god please don’t kill me for mentioning the C word! It’s just that every single year I leave everything to the last minute; presents, decorations, cards. This year I’d like to be on top of my game and that means starting to plan/buy now.

5. Get my DIY on.

I’ve already got quite a few fun DIY’s planned for this month and next, yay! I love doing DIY posts so much, so keep an eye out for some creative Autumn themed ones.

What are your goals for September?

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