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September Goals; How Did I Do?

30th September 2015

planner organiser pretty stickers

planner organiser pretty stickers

Back at the very beginning of this month (which feels ages away now!) I wrote down some goals for myself for the whole of September. They were a random collection of things I wanted to achieve this month, or just a way of injecting some fun wherever possible. So let’s see how I got on…

1. Try something new.

Yes! In fact, as this post goes live; I’ll be making my way to Blackpool with Gary for some little blogger work. It’s only an overnight trip, because I didn’t want to leave Luna too long with my mum haha! But it’ll be so much fun, and going somewhere new together. I mean, I’ve been to Blackpool before, but not since I was a kid, and we’ll be having a really lovely day/night hopefully. So yeah going somewhere new and trying something new has definitely been achieved this month!

2. Get my merch in store.

As many of you know, I have an Etsy store. My plan was to get a whole new range of things in there, designed by myself. I sort of achieved this, because my phone cases have started being added now (slowly) and more accessories. However I did hope to get my stationery line sorted too, but I’ve been so busy constantly I’ve not had time! So this isn’t a total fail, but gives me something else to aim for.

3. To read something new.

Yes!! This month seen the release of a book I’ve waited ages for; The Girl In The Spider’s Web. The Millenium book series is one of my favourite reads ever, and this book has been exciting me for a long time. I have admittedly only just started it (again, busy!) but I’m so happy to get stuck into this. Lisbeth is my home girl.

4. Start planning for Christmas.

Yep! I’ve definitely done this. I’ve planned some gifts, started working on my Etsy products I’ll be selling, and I’ve even bought one or two gifts already. I feel bloody amazing, I’m never usually this prepared!

5. Get my DIY on.

I haven’t done a DIY this month, boo! I did try to, I bought supplies and everything. However it went a bit wrong the first try, and I gave up. What a loser eh? I’ll revisit this and post some cute DIYs very soon 🙂

Overall, I did really well I think! Definitely have some more goals for October based on this result. I’ll be trying something new again for sure. I’ll also be trying to manage my time better so that I don’t let my personal life take a back seat to work. It’s great that I’m so busy with designs and stuff, but I do want to be able to chill out a little more too.

What was your month like?

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