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Six Blog Posts I’ll Always Stop & Read

18th September 2015


Since I began working from home, believe it or not has meant I’m busier than ever and barely have any time to chill out and read blog posts for hours, like I used to. That being said, I always make time to stop and scroll through my Bloglovin feed for good reads, or catch up with my most favourite blogs that I have bookmarked.


With this lack of time on my hands, I’ve had to be a little more choosy with what posts I indulge in, and I’ve found that there are six types that I always click on.

1. DIY/Anything creative.

If you post a step by step guide on how to get something done; you can guarantee I’m reading it, and also saving it for later. Same if it’s anything remotely creative; whether you’re sharing your scrapbook, paintings or creative writing I’ll be loving it. I enjoy saving posts like this to my Bloglovin collection for later, as a source of great inspiration. So thanks guys!

2. Weekly round ups/Life lately.

I love lifestyle blogs more than anything, and feeling like the blogger is having a chat with me. So if you’re just updating us all on what you’ve been upto, I’ll be there. Whether it’s just sharing your life through your latest Instagram photos, or writing down everything you’ve done, I absolutely love it.

3. Instagram Faves.

Oh Instagram, I’m so fucking addicted to you. If a blogger does a ‘best of Instagram’ style post, I’m an eager beaver. I love knowing everyone’s faves, and getting new suggestions for people to follow. I adore themed ones more than anything, as I like getting inspiration from collections of photos. (If you have a post like this, link me in the comments please!)

4. Lists.

There’s something absolutely addictive about a good ol’ list isn’t there? Hannah Gale is the QUEEN of this, and she does it well. There are loads of people who do this (I’m doing it right now..) because we all love lists so much. But I’ve yet to find a blogger who does it as well as her; she keeps me entertained for hours!

5. Organisation.

So you can tell me the best way to stay focused on a daily basis? Oh you have tips on organising my makeup collection? What about how to organise my organiser??! Then you are my new BFF. I will read all of the things.

6. So you’re a bit of a geek huh?

Fangirl and proud? I will love you. Love collecting Funko Pops, stickers, Tsum Tsums or basically anything cute and kitschy? Yep, I’ll be reading these blog posts. I don’t mind what it is you’re into either to be honest; as long as it’s something you’re passionate about then it’s awesome. A blogger who does this perfectly is Heather.


So that’s my top six fave types of blog posts, what are yours?

Let me know and I’ll try to do more! 🙂



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