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Why I Can’t Have A Blog With A Niche

9th September 2015


Sometimes I find myself admiring blogs that have a clearly defined niche, so much so that I end up a little jealous. Their perfect blogs with a perfect theme, not to mention this can really help with followers and popularity. No, I’m not saying that blogs with a niche only do well because of this, or that it isn’t deserved (this should be obvious), but it does have benefits.


So why haven’t I ever taken the plunge and made Dorkface the home of just beauty, lifestyle or craft posts? Quite honestly; because I don’t have that dedication. I totally respect how much harder that must be, and I certainly wouldn’t last that way. But also, an absolutely huge reason is that I just don’t see myself as a one subject kinda person.


I have so many different aspects to my personality, hobbies, habits and loves; I couldn’t squish it all into one neatly packed niche blog. My greatest joy with this blog is the fact that I can share everything that excites me or interests me in some way. I love feeling like this is ‘home’, where I can take you along all my little adventures with me. Whether I want to write about new beauty products I’ve bought, a recent trip to Lush, some cute crafts I’ve tried out or inspire you in some way; I can do it all!


I just thought I’d write this, in case there are some bloggers out there who think they need to have a niche. It’s just not true guys. If you want one, yay! Go for it. But don’t feel like you have to restrict yourself in any way at all.


Make your blog a place that inspires you, where you can share your passions.




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