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Friday Five #10

2nd October 2015

I already know today’s is going to be a chattier than usual Friday post, I hope that’s okay with you guys. Actually it’s going to be the last post until Monday (what?! No post this weekend?) – yep, that’s right. Today I’m working like crazy on designs and Etsy orders that I have to get out as soon as possible, and then I’m prepping for the Bloggers Blog awards tomorrow in Leeds (nerve racking). Saturday I’ll be at the awards all day, then drinking with bloggers afterwards before a very late coach home to Liverpool. And Sunday? I’m guessing I’ll be recovering. So yep, you won’t see me on this blog again until Monday, but I’m sure you understand. Please wish me luck for this weekend, let’s hope I don’t embarrass myself!

Anyway, onto this week’s Friday Five!…(Also, do you like my ghost cup? I’ve bought a bunch of Halloween cups and I’m loving them!)…

Five people I’ll probably be too terrified to talk to at the blog awards (bc LOVE);

1. Hannah Gale

2. Thumbelina Lillie (aka Megan)

3. Erica

4. Jordan

5. Lauren

I adore them all so god damn much, but guys.. you’ll have me shaking (in a good way!) Everyone else I know I’ll automatically CHAT LIKE HELL to, hahaha.

Five good things this week;

1. Lovely trip to Blackpool with Gary!

2. The best Lush bath ever in the world happened… ever.

3. Gary absolutely spoiled me, looked after me and treated me like a princess.

4. Got some amazing collaborations/brand mail this week.

5. Had my first phone call from Hannah (Delacour) and omg she’s so cute!

Five things I want to buy;

1. The new Lush Halloween/Christmas range of course!

2. Literally everything from the Makeup Revolution site at the moment.

3. More Halloween decorations!

4. More art supplies for things I need to make. (Plz help me by purchasing something here!)

5. More clothes; I need my Winter wardrobe dammit!

Five things I randomly wanna talk about;

1. The support I’ve gotten for my Etsy shop. Thank you so god damn much. Every like, share, RT, or purchase is absolutely amazing. Whenever I see someone has bought something, it genuinely makes me feel so emotional; which I hope never changes. Every single penny helps me pay my bills, and Im not left with much over; but it’s amazing it helps me even do that. THANK YOU.

2. The awards. I know I’ve banged on about them; but it’s not just because I’ve been nominated. It’s this amazing thing put on 100% by one amazing girl. How fucking awesome is that? We’ll all be celebrating each other and really encouraging other women and that’s magical. I’m so terrified of how I’ll look, if I’ll embarrass myself, if people will hate me or talk to me. But overall I know it’s gonna be amazing, and the best part is I’ll be meeting people I already consider such close friends. This is definitely the best thing that’s happened to me since I began this little blog.

3. Luna. Yes this is super random, but oh my god I miss my cat! Right now she’s staying with my mum until Sunday. This is because we went away to Blackpool, Im away in Leeds Saturday, Gary’s in work all day; and we didn’t want her being alone for days and days. So she’s staying there. But oh gosh I feel so emotional! I know I sound crazy, but my cat is my little baby. I can’t wait to have her back!

4. Anxiety. I’m sick of feeling like I can’t blog about it because I get worried (on top of everything else) that it’ll look attention seeking or jumping on the band wagon. I’ll be honest; I do actually get sick of seeing those posts myself sometimes, which is weird. But jesus christ sometimes I’m like REALLY struggling with it and I don’t let that show online at all because I don’t want people to think I want attention. But dammit sometimes you need to vent. It helps. Anyway.. I’m okay. But I’ve felt it this week. 

5. My Dad. God, I want to cry just writing that. I don’t even know what I want to say. I just miss him. I want to say his name and talk about who he was and random memories I have of him. I hate that he’s not part of my day anymore and I hate that there’s friends who haven’t even known me while he was alive. I’m not sure why that matters… it just kinda does. I met Gary 5 months after my Dad died. There’s something extra cruel about that. God my heart still fucking breaks almost five years later. Anyway, I had a Dad. His name was Arthur. He always backed the underdog, he believed in being loyal, honest, and standing up for yourself. He treated me like a princess and was the kindest man. He was my hero basically. I’m sorry this one’s so depressing. But fucking hell sometimes I want to just talk about my Dad. Let’s hope I’m doing him proud.

Five people I adore;






How’s your week been? What have you done? Will you be watching my Periscopes at the awards?

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