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Getting To Know Other Bloggers

26th October 2015

Some days I like to enjoy total blogging indulgence. By that I mean I catch up with the latest posts in my Bloglovin feed, I check out what all my favourite are up to, and I scour the land for new blogs to add to my already huge list. There’s nothing quite like visiting a new blog, and falling a little bit in love with it the first time you’re there. Whether it’s someone who writes with a passion that inspires you, someone who is chatty and friendly like a friend, or someone who is a huge source of beauty/fashion envy (you know, those bloggers that may you *sigh* because they’re so perf?); either way it’s lovely when we find them.

Each month I do a post like this, introducing people to my monthly advertisers, and each month I really try to give them the best that I can. What I mean by that is, I try to really show you guys what makes their blog good and different from each other, in the hopes that each of you will find at least one new one. I try to see it as a mutually beneficial experience for both my advertisers and you readers ๐Ÿ™‚ I benefit not only from the support, but finding new blogs myself! Each month I basically stalk each advertisers blog to get to know them a little better; and I hope it helps when I’m doing these posts.

Anyway, my point is; finding new blogs to love is great. Here are some you may just fall for;


Fiona writes about beauty, fashion, her life, places she visits and music. She is down to earth, friendly, and always supportive of the blogging community. I feel like Fiona is the official Dorkface sponsor to be honest! You’re going to see her on my sidebar for a while, so get acquainted, explore her blog, and chat to one of the loveliest bloggers I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.


Hayley is another lady who has the type of blog I adore; it has a bit of everything! She writes about Fashion, food, beauty and life. I do however think her beauty posts shine through, as I see her as one of those bloggers who are a source of great, honest product reviews. And she does it all with a fab blog layout that’s got to be mentioned – I love when blogs are laid out so great!


Meet the Canadian born, Brighton living lady who write about food, travel, adventures, life, music and much much more. Her blog is the epitome of a lifestyle blog dream! This lovely lady writes intelligently, and with a chatty tone that makes you feel you’re simply catching up with a friend. And a lovely friend she really does make, can’t recommend her enough.


Yaaay, we have a male blogger, and a lovely one too! What Maff Said is a lifestyle blog based around Matthew’s love for all things techy/nerdy and his passion for sharing them. He writes about his life, books, films, products and much more. His blog is helpful, friendly and a joy to read. I’ve been following him for a while now, he’s always a great one to have on Twitter too! Pop over and show some love ๐Ÿ™‚


Meet Kay, of Ohkay-dohkay. Kay is someone who loves to write about all thing beauty, advice, tips, lifestyle, fashion and more! She shares her perspective on all things she is passionate about; especially political and regarding mental health, which I think is amazing. Kay is someone who always shows her true self on her blog, and invites us all to be a part of it.


Let me start by saying Ashton is one of the loveliest bloggers I know, and someone I’ve followed for a long time now. On her blog she writes about beauty, books she’s reading, her life, adventures and things that make her smile. Ashton is the type of write I adore; she’s chatty, funny and honest. Go see for yourself how awesome this gal is.


Last, but oh my lord definitely not least is Sarah. I remember finding Sarah’s blog by chance a few months ago (maybe 5ish months ago?) and I’ve been obsessed ever since. She takes beautiful photographs, she is a fantastic writer, she shares all parts of her life and her blog is so diverse it fills me with joy every time I visit. However I think my favourite thing about Sarah is her creativity which she always shows and uses in some way or another. It was the reason I first fell for her blog, and the reason I continue to visit. Please do give her a visit!

So there we have it, a bunch of lovely new blogs and bloggers for you all to discover. Try to take the time this week to show them some love, and I’m sure you won’t regret it.

Thanks guys, and happy Monday!

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