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17th October 2015
Halloween Pumpkin Candles

Happy Saturday guys! (and happy birthday Eminem! Yes I’m a huge fan…) I hope you’ve had a brilliant week, and the weekend has been treating you fabulously so far. I thought I’d keep up my promise of frequent chatty posts, and update you on all that’s been going on this week in the world of Jemma.

I think probably the most exciting thing for me is the fact that I finally gave in and ordered the Olympus Pen camera I’ve been lusting over for ages, yay! I know, it’s such a typical blogger choice right now; but for good reason. I’ve seen these babies in use and can confirm they are amazing; so I’m very happy to be getting one myself. Now if only the delivery would hurry up! I have big plans for this camera, not just using it for better Instagram pics either! I am actually planning to dive into the world of video… watch this space.

As you can see from the snippet above, I’ve began decorating our place in the Halloween spirit. We have balloons, lanterns, more candles than you could ever need, skeletons on the walls, spooky treats, ghoulish cups and paper bowls, ghost fairy lights and much more. It’s made me so happy! I just have to get our pumpkins now, and everything will be perfect.

I caught up with my friend Gemma last weekend, and we had a hilarious day just browsing town and generally chatting each others ears off which was great. I couldn’t resist popping into Lush though to choose something from their Halloween range, but I did limit myself for now to just two products. I went with Cinders and the Sparkling Pumpkin; two beauties I might add.

Lush Halloween

I will certainly be going back for more very soon, but these will do for now. I haven’t used them yet, but they smell like explosions of happiness in my nostrils, lemme tell ya! I’m tempted to save all my Lush Halloween products for Halloween week, and just use a different one every night as a treat, hehe.

This week also seen another big hair change from me (would you expect anything else at this point?) and I’m so hugely happy to say I’ve gone dark again for Winter. I know some of you might think that’s quite boring considering I had green hair, but I love it! I do adore bright colours, and you certainly haven’t seen the last of them on me; but for Winter I really wanted something dark, and almost cosy (if that makes sense) for my hair. Plus, it looks super vampy when teamed with my purple/black/plum winter lipsticks. YAY.

Tonight I’m going out for a big family meal for my brother’s 40th birthday, which’ll be nice. It’s not often we all get to do things together. Plus, I mean… food and alcohol. So yeah, happy times.

I’ll leave you with my favourite blog post I caught up with this week, and it’s from Amanda over at Little Lady Little City. Her blog has been a favourite of mine for a long time (which is why I was SO glad to see her shortlisted at the Bloggers Blog Awards!) and this week she posted my favourite outfit post ever. It’s simple, it’s casual, it’s spooky. You’ll love it (and I seriously want her jumper).

What have you guys been up to?

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