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Rekindling My True Blogging Self

10th October 2015
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Yesterday, I posted what I’d call a ‘chattier’ post on here and it was probably the best feeling I’ve had when hitting publish in a long time. I know of course, writing about my recent blog awards was absolutely amazing; but that was more the experience that was so fantastic. It was so damn great to recount everything that happened, and the amazing memories of the day; but it’s not a ‘normal’ day to day blog post by any means. I realised recently that’s what I’ve missed; normal, chatty, ‘life lately’ blog posts.

I love absolutely everything this blog is, the whole combination of themes, and the various things I like to post about. I’m not saying I’ve been bored at all, I’ve been very inspired for a long time actually. The problem is I was putting all my inspiration into my Etsy store, or designs for people. I wasn’t saving any for myself and this blog the way I should have been. I didn’t even realise to be honest. I started this blog because I love to write, and one of my favourite things in the whole world is just pouring my heart and soul out without planning what I’ll write.

Picture me sitting on my bed, cushions all around me, in the dark, fairy lights on, around 2am listening to The Pixies, Bon Iver, Taking Back Sunday or whatever other emo/indie playlist I have playing. Picture me sitting in the dark with the moonlight shining in; typing away on this laptop. That’s my heaven. That’s it. Whether it was in a diary at age 11, or here at my laptop age 27; quietly writing and emptying my mind is where I need to be. It’s the greatest joy I get out of blogging, and I’ve been forgetting to invest into that time lately.

I can actually name a bunch of blog posts I’ve written at times like this; where I have no worries or distractions. When it’s in the dead of night, and I’m at my most inspired. These blog posts are probably my most treasured, whether they’ve been popular or not. Some of my favourite have been; ‘Quiet Moments‘, ‘Looking Back‘, ‘How Blogging Changed Everything‘, ‘Learning To Time Travel‘, ‘Three Things‘ and ‘The Farewell Tour‘. 

These are the posts I blog for. These are the reason Dorkface exists. These are the written words I will savour years later, and want to hold and protect and keep forever. These are the ones that matter most.

So yes; I just wanted to say I’m reminding myself to just simply write more often, without a plan. You guys can probably expect me to be chattier, talking about day to day life, whatever I’m up to or whatever may be on my mind. I hope you wont see this as random, but rather a huge, important part of what Dorkface is. 

My true blogging self is coming back.

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