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Custom Artwork

7th November 2015
custom portrait drawings digital and hand drawn

I feel like I’ve really found something I love, doing custom portraits for people. Lately they’re my favourite thing to tackle on my to-do list. I get to spend a lot of time doing some cool things; designing blog headers for people, custom graphics for various websites (I’ve had some great opportunities lately!) and handling social media for people. However among all this, if I have a custom portrait lined up, I’m usually way more excited for this than anything else. THIS. IS. MY. JAM.

There’s something about trying to capture someone’s whole look in one simple drawing that’s both challenging and really fun. I love experimenting with colour, and I prefer a playful style rather than serious. I do both hand drawn (above) and digital (below) custom portraits, and although both are fun; I think my preference is in the digital versions. They definitely come out more successfully, because I have way more options for how I create the image.

digital illustration portrait

drawing illustration portrait

If I could, I’d probably spend all my time doing portraits like these! I just enjoy them so much. There’s actually a bunch of people I want to draw for the fun of it, but I never seem to have any spare time. I actually had to schedule time to do CHORES yesterday. Fun eh? 

The thing is though, I’m incredibly insecure about sharing my artwork; so forcing myself to do it and make a small business from it has been hugely refreshing. It’s terrifying too, don’t get me wrong. But overall I think it’s helping my confidence. There are millions of people out there much better than me, obviously; but I’m not dwelling on it any more.

Anyway, I thought I’d ramble here a little about how much I’m genuinely enjoying them because it’s awesome to find new creative outlets. Plus I don’t think I’ve actually shared any of this work on this blog before, even though it’s all over my Twitter and Instagram.

What creative things have you guys been up to? 🙂

If you would like to purchase an illustration from me, you can visit my Etsy store here.

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