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How Is 2015 Almost Over Already?

3rd November 2015
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I mean really? I swear five minutes ago we were all like, ‘Woo! Spring!’

I’m not complaining though, because the end of the year is my favourite time of year mostly. I’m so happy to say that as I sit in my office typing this post out, I’m wearing the fluffiest pjs and dressing gown ever (see above photo) and I feel like a cloud. Outside the window it’s pitch black, and so foggy I can barely see across the road; even though It’s only 6pm. I love these dark nights and cold mornings.

Anyway, I thought I’d check in with you guys, since the past two days have been quiet on this blog for me, which is really strange. I usually don’t go more than a day without posting; but I’ve been busier than ever.

I actually plan on staying up verrryyyy late tonight, I’ll probably see 3am. But it’s worth it to get ahead od schedule and allow myself to relax a little this week. Maybe.

We had a lovely quiet Halloween here; Gary, Luna and I. Just some tame movies; The Addams Family and Scream. I love both dearly. Plenty of spooky themed treats were devoured and many candles lit. It was nice actually, to just chill out. We usually do something big each year, dress up and get very drunk. But to be honest, life is that busy for me at the moment it was a huge relief to just veg out on the sofa and block out the world. I honestly never get to do that any more.

It’s bonfire night on Thursday and Gary and I are planning to go to see a firework show at Liverpool Docks. This should be really cool, as it’s a fifteen minute walk from home, it should be a pretty one, the docks are always beautiful at night, and it’ll have all the lights shining over the water. Yay. I’ll probably vlog some of this.
Oh yeah, vlogging! So I tried to vlog the past two weeks with my new camera, and I’m terrible at it basically. But never mind, I’m going to edit it together this week and hopefully get it put up in a few days, I’m sure I’ll let you guys know here. It’s nice to try something new though.

Speaking of trying new things… fashion blogging. It’s sort of in my mind for the future. I have zero confidence, and I’m sure I’ll be terrible; but I love expressing myself through clothes and I never show that side of myself through my blog. I’m hoping if I try this in the new year it’ll help me to like myself a little bit more. We’ll see…

I feel like I’ve got my blogging game back lately. I wrote out 19 blog post ideas today as I was on the bus. I swear putting some headphones in and taking public transport inspires me so much. I just wish I had more time! I’ll be working my ass off this week to try get some of them written up though. I want to finish 2015 super prepared, so I feel totally on my game come January. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, I’ve waffled on enough. I just thought I’d update you guys on this week and how I’m feeling. I’m looking forward to November and all it may bring.

How about you guys?

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