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15 Silly New Years Resolutions

24th December 2015

As stupid and weird as it is that at the end of December every year, we all decide to change in different ways and do different things (even though we could do this at any point in the year); I can’t help but join in the tradition of it all. Every year I promise I’ll do this, that or the other; barely making it into January before I screw it all up.

I’m not saying this year is any different, I’ll still set myself goals and resolutions I hope to stick to. However, today I wanted to share a bunch of the smaller, sillier resolutions I’ve decided to set myself. You know, the crap that reaaalllly doesn’t matter, but it’s fun to list anyway? Yeah, those.

Here are 15 things I hope to do in 2016.

1. Keep my nails pretty – like a proper lady. No chipping, biting or picking.

2. Try different makeup looks and get really experimental with my face.

3. Be tidier. Probably won’t happen tbh.

4. Learn to cook. Even just some basic good meals, maybe?

5. Visit more places. Even just in the UK, I wanna visit somewhere new every couple of weeks if possible.

6. Visit old friends. I’m the annoying once who doesn’t drive, and I wait for all my friends to visit me. I might try actually make an effort to change this.

7. Find a new hobby. I’m always taking up new hobbies to be honest, and I like this. Trying out new things is awesome!

8. Get another tattoo. I haven’t had a new one in ages, I’m so overdue!

9. Get my lip repierced. I miss it so much, and only took it out for an old job.

10. Read more books.

11. Keep on top of schedule. I want to feel more organised!

12. Sleep more. These days I survive on 4 hours sleep, not good.

13. Go to more gigs.

14. Outfit posts on this blog.

15. Keep my hair in good condition and let it grow for once.

What little mini resolutions will you be setting yourself? ๐Ÿ™‚

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